7 Simple Flexibility Exercises


Flexibility is a wonderful thing. In fact we are born with it. Babies are perhaps the most flexible. Many a times we have seen babies effortlessly take their feet all the way to their mouths. We can only imagine what a pleasurable experience it is to have that kind of stretch and flexibility. Alas, we don’t remember how good we had it as babies. Over time, we lose the flexibility due to diet, sedentary life style and lack of exercise.  While we don’t need the same level of flexibility that we once had as babies, it is important that we maintain the flexibility of our joint and muscles.  Flexibility gives us control over the body and mind and also goes a long way in keeping us healthy and fit.  Greater the flexibility, greater the endurance, stamina and resilience.  It is ideal to start the flexibility exercises while young as it enhances the range of motion. However, any age is a good age to start as it will help restore joint and muscle health.

Some benefits of flexibility stretching exercises.

  • Increases range of motion.
  • Increases blood supply and nutrients to joints and muscles.
  • Decreases risk of injury.
  • Decreases lower back pain.
  • Improves sitting and standing posture.

Flexibility can also be looked at as range of motion.  Flexibility exercises extend the muscles and ligaments, makes them supple, yet strong, and improves the range of motion. Stretching can be done at any time, but especially recommended after exercise.

Below are simple 5 – 10 minutes flexibility exercises anyone can do and enjoy.  A few pointers while doing these exercises

  • Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat at least 2x with each leg.
  • It is normal to feel mild discomfort as you stretch. Stop if it gets painful.
  • These are static stretches, relax and exhale as you stretch the muscle.

Let’s get started!

Stretching Exercise #1: Hamstring Stretchshutterstock_365909294_Hamstring Stretch_1

Stretching Exercise #2: Butterfly Stretch


Stretching Exercise #3: Lying Hip Stretch shutterstock_552457177_hipstretch_3

Stretching Exercise #4: Quad Stretchmaxresdefault_quad_stretch

Stretching Exercise #5: Calf Stretch

Downward-Facing-Dog_calf stretch

Stretching Exercise #6: Shoulder Stretchshutterstock_303373355shoulder stretch

Stretching Exercise #7: Triceps Stretch

shutterstock_514595050 tricep Stretch


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