4 Sanskrit Yoga Poses


There can be different objectives of performing yoga. You may want to lose weight, you might want better core strength and balance, you may want to seek the meditative benefits or you may want to perfect the most complicated Sanskrit yoga poses there is. Very few people manage to test their mettle to the extent that yoga will truly put you through. These complicated Sanskrit yoga poses will be hard even for those who are accustomed with strength, cross fit or endurance training.

1. Eka Hasta Vrksasana

This is a one handed tree pose. Imagine balancing your body upside down. Say a handstand or a headstand. All inversion yoga poses are challenging. Now imagine balancing your body upside down when all you have is one hand as the foundation. This is one of the most difficult Sanskrit yoga poses and it is not for beginners. You should get accustomed with headstand, handstand, shoulder stand and other inverted poses before you attend one handed tree pose or eka hasta vrksasana.

2. Sirsa Padasana

Also referred to as a head to foot pose, it is an almost impossible posture to practice. Only a handful can rest on their chest and bend the body backward all the way till the feet touch the back of their head or forehead. You may have seen a similar image on a viral ad where it claims the human body can bend backward by two hundred and seventy degrees. It is true. Sirsa padasana is proof.

3. Gandha Bherundasana

If Sirsa Padasana sounded difficult, imagine Gandha Bherundasana or formidable face pose which takes the posture a tad further. Instead of finishing just above the head or forehead you must stretch your body further backward and must land your feet on either side of your face. You should stay with this poise for a while and then release it. You can hold your feet down using your hands of course but even then it is almost forming a circle with your body’s contour, only it is backward.

4. Pungu Mayurasana

You may have attempted to balance your body on two hands while keeping it aligned with the floor. It is difficult but achievable. Once you accomplish that, try Pungu Mayurasana or wounded peacock. You need to balance your body on just one hand. Also, you need to move your legs back up and not keep your body aligned in a straight line parallel to the floor.

There are many such complicated Sanskrit yoga poses such as Sayanasana, Kala Bhairavasana and Taraksvasana, among others.

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