5 Techniques for Coping with Infertility


The very first lesson you should remember is that you are not infertile till proven otherwise. Today, millions of people are anxious because of the random publications raising awareness about infertility. Yes, infertility is on the rise but it has always plagued humanity. It is not a new pathogen induced medical condition. Every man and woman can have problems while conceiving. Simply because you are having unprotected sex and not conceiving doesn’t mean you are infertile.

1. Get Treatment

The second lesson you should remember is that there are many ways to treat infertility. From traditional medicines to herbal remedies, lifestyle changes to dietary recommendations, there is truly a plethora of approaches you can try. There are specific techniques of having sex too. When you explore such solutions, you would know that coping with infertility is not as daunting as you expected it to be. Of course it would be saddening and for some people devastating to know that they are infertile. That is where awareness helps and you could remain optimistic.

2. Be Sexually Active

Having sex during specific times of the ovulation cycle of a woman increases the possibility of conception. A man must get tested to know when his sperm count is at the highest and having sex at that time of the day or night will increase the chances. It is not true that every man has the highest sperm count at the same time every day or night. Lifestyle, hormonal secretions and many other factors have a role to play.

3. Coping with Infertility

Since there are numerous options at your discretion to have infertility absolutely cured, let us now talk about the scenario where you don’t get treated. Coping with infertility is surely more challenging when you don’t conceive, for months and possibly for years. It would be heartbreaking for anyone but there is a need to look at plausible realities. You could opt for surrogacy, if it is legal in your state. You could also adopt kids.

4. Adoption

You could get into an arrangement where you don’t contribute the sperm or the eggs but get an expectant mother willing to give her baby to interested couples. This is also adoption but it happens straightaway and couples get to stay close to the expectant mother through to the labor and thereafter. It is a seamless transition if planned well.

5. IVF Options

Then there is in vitro fertilization or IVF if both of you are interested. The eventual reality is that you and your partner can become parents and you could be just as happy as you have always wanted to be, if you choose.

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