Make the Right Choice – The Power of Intention


Tired of regular mundane office work, you take a break. You log on to your favorite site to check the new articles posted on Wait a minute! Did you talk to your hand to pick up the laptop and then instructed the fingers to type.? Did you make an announcement to the upper limbs to help you open the CelebrateYoga site. By now you may be laughing as its sounds like a good joke. What is really happening here? In reality, our very own intention synthesizes this entire movement. It happens automatically with little or no effort from our side. In order to perform our daily activities, we don’t have to express it in words.

Intentions are subtle and thus daily routine happens mechanically. Now let’s scratch beneath the surface to discover more forms of intention. The second form of  intention starts from our pure consciousness. We develop awareness for a deeper form of intention which is most subtle yet extremely powerful. In Sanskrit we call it “ Sankalp”.

Thoughts  are forms created in the mind, and intention is a course of action a person intends to follow. “I need to buy a new dress for my daughter’s graduation party” is a thought created. The third form of intention is at the level of thought. This thought generated leads to speech and then finally leads to action.

How does one create the right intention is a million-dollar question? If we probe further, do we really know what we want? We are essentially looking for a direction, as we are torn by our own conflicted mind. This hinders our decision making. We truly do not understand what is good for us!  We seek the intelligence of the Universe which is the cosmic consciousness to guide us. Since we don’t have clarity in our own thoughts to reach a resolution, the best way is to surrender and ask the question. “At this juncture in my life, what is the best path to take?  What will be my best choice and what is my purpose, which will be in alignment with the evolution of my being as well as the divine consciousness?’

Create the right intention with a sincere heart, send it out to the Universe. Sounds very poetic, but does it really work that way? For this to work, we need to be silent and still, to get in touch with our consciousness, and then seek guidance. The Universe will respond to us in the form of a situation, a person, or a relationship. These will lead us to make the correct choice. This act of surrender to the universe, opens up infinite choices from the creative power of the universe. The divine power harmonizes various threads in our lives to manifest new situations, new relationships and new environments.

The creator and creation are in sync with each other. Once we uncover this secret, it moves us from the finite to infinite awareness. Accept the wisdom of the universe, which will steer us towards the “Right Intention” for the fulfillment of our being!


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