49 Quotes About Laziness


Laziness is a bad habit that can leave you feeling unproductive and negatively effect your daily life and schedule. Finding a profound way to beat laziness will ensure you can meet the obligations you need to. Here are some great quotes about laziness that capture this undesirable characteristic.

“A lazy person, whatever the talents with which he starts out, have condemned himself to second-rate thoughts, and to second-rate friends.”

“A loafer always has the correct time.”

“A young man idle, an old man needy.”

“All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.”

“As a writer, I need an enormous amount of time alone. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. ”

“Both positive and negative thinking are contagious.”

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

“Even a foolish old woman like me knows that lazy people don’t think for themselves; they only think about themselves.”

“Failure is not our only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.”

“Folks who never do any more than they get paid for, never get paid for any more than they do.”

“He that is busy is tempted by but one devil; he that is idle, by a legion.”

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

“I don’t think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness – to save oneself trouble.”

“I often find that people confuse inner peace with some sense of insensibility whenever something goes wrong.”

“If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

“I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.”

“In doing nothing men learn to do evil.”

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.”

“I’ve heard that hard work never killed anyone, but I say why take the chance?”

“Laziness erodes a person of his enthusiasm and energy. As a result the person loses all opportunities and finally becomes dejected and frustrated. The worst thing is that he stops believing in himself.”

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”

“Lazy folks take the most pains.”

“Lazy people are always eager to be doing something.”

“Lazy people live lonely lives.”

“Lazy people tend not to take chances, but express themselves by tearing down other’s work.”

“Mostly, I could tell, I made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t understand me, and he was sort of holding it against me. ”

“Offer the lazy an egg, and they’ll want you to peel it for them.”

“Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will–tomorrow.”

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

“Some men are so lazy they won’t even feed themselves.”

“Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make you live in abject poverty.”

“The Devil often finds work for them who find none for themselves.”

“The lazier a man is, the more he plans to do tomorrow.”

“The lazy man gets round the sun as quickly as the busy one.”

“The lazy man is apt to be envious.”

“The only time a lazy man ever succeeds is when he tries to do nothing.”

“The reason laziness is rarely pushed as a lifestyle option is down to one simple reason: money. There are fortunes to be made out of active lifestyles. Gyms charge fees. But no one is going to make money out of sleep. It is free.”

“The sluggard does not plow after the season, so he begs during the harvest and has nothing.”

“There are people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves.”

“There’s much to be said for feeling numb. Time passes more quickly. You eat less, and because numbness encourages laziness, you do fewer things, good or bad, and the world’s probably a better place for it.”

“To a lazy man every day is a holiday.”

“Tomorrow is the only day in the year that appeals to a lazy man.”

“Too many young people itch for what they want without scratching for it.”

“Towards evening the lazy person begins to get busy.”

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

“Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.”

“Work is the law of the modern world, which has no place for lazy people.”

“You can’t teach people to be lazy – either they have it, or they don’t.”

There are many ways you can combat laziness. Defeat this unproductive feeling will help to keep you on track.

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