47 Quotes About Betrayal of Family


When it comes to family, knowing your boundaries and limitations will help to keep you protected. These quotes about betrayal of family reminds us of the dangers that occur when those lines are crossed.

“Anyone who hasn’t experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing about ecstasy at all.”

“Be certain that he who has betrayed thee once will betray thee again.”

“Betrayal can only happen if you love.”

“Betrayal does so many different things to people.”

“Betrayal is never easy to handle and there is no right way to accept it.”

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”

“Every betrayal contains a perfect moment, a coin stamped heads or tails with salvation on the other side.”

“Familial betrayal is, to me, the most heartbreaking kind – because if you can’t trust your family to love you and protect you, who can you really trust?”

“For me, I always wonder what’s worse: an emotional betrayal or a physical betrayal? That’s a really tough call.”

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”

“He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.”

“I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit.”

“I used to advertise my loyalty and I don’t believe there is a single person I loved that I didn’t eventually betray.”

“I’m not crying because of you; you’re not worth it.”

“In a broken nest there are few whole eggs.”

“Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?”

“It is better to have an enemy who honestly says they hate you.”

“It was a mistake, you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.”

“It’s funny how sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for are the ones behind the trigger. ”

“It’s a shame that the very people who you protect are the first ones to turn there backs on you.”

“It’s hard to tell who has your back from who has it long enough just to stab you in it .”

“It’s particularly hard to take being stabbed in the back close to home. There’s always a feeling of betrayal when people of your own group oppose you.”

“Lord, defend me from my friends; I can account for my enemies.”

“Love and marriage are wonderful arenas in which to place a character. We are most likely to risk our morals and beliefs while in love. Betrayal gives tremendous insights into a character as well.”

“Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.”

“Most of us regard good luck as our right, and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.”

“My love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me.”

“Naturally, when one makes progressive steps, there may be some who see it as a betrayal of their goals and interests.”

“Passions spin the plot: We are betrayed by what is false within.”

“People are always fascinated by infidelity because, in the end – whether we’ve had direct experience or not – there’s part of you that knows there’s absolutely no more piercing betrayal. People are undone by it.”

“Poor people and working people have not been the focus of the Obama administration. That for me is not just a disappointment but a kind of betrayal.”

“Rather than writing about international events, I write about individual lives. There is elation and sadness, death and birth, love and jealousy, co-operation and betrayal. All the great emotional transactions that happen wherever people come together.”

“Relations are simply a tedious pack of people, who haven’t got the remotest knowledge of how to live, nor the smallest instinct about when to die.”

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

“The fear really hits you. That’s what you feel first. And then it’s the anger and frustration. Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself.”

“The problem is that everywhere the gas drilling industry goes, a trail of water contamination, air pollution, health concerns and betrayal of basic American civic and community values follows.”

“The thorn from the bush one has planted, nourished and pruned pricks more deeply and draws more blood.”

“The three touchstones that woke Buddha up – sickness, old age, and death – are a pretty good place to start when crafting a tragic tale. And if we need to get more specific: heartbreak, destruction, miscomprehension, natural disasters, betrayal, and the waste of human potential.”

“There are only really a few stories to tell in the end, and betrayal and the failure of love is one of those good stories to tell.”

“There is no greater blessing than a family hand that lifts you from a fall; but there is not lower curse than a family hand that strikes you when you’re down.”

“Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, and trading on your integrity and not having dignity in life. That’s really where failure comes.”

“Trust thy self, and another shall not betray thee.”

“We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.”

“We’re not friends, we’re not enemies, we’re just strangers with some memories.”

“When marketers influence habits, they influence peoples’ self-identity. And so when a group or company does something that doesn’t correspond to our core values, it feels like a betrayal.”

“You see that’s what I think is such a terrible, terrible betrayal, the trust that people have in government.”

“You want to believe that there’s one relationship in life that’s beyond betrayal. A relationship that’s beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn’t.”

We always have an opportunity to move forward even when we feel like we are stuck.

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