41 Quotes About No Worries


Fighting with anxiety and fear can have a deepened effect on your emotional state of being. These quotes about no worries are inspirational to read.

“Actors, movie stars, rock stars, I can meet them with no worries – but with footballers I go weak at the knees. All of them.”

“Despite my best efforts I’ve seen you naked before – doesn’t do much for me so no worries.”

“Do no harmful actions, do not become attached to the cycle of death and rebirth, show kindness, respect the old and have compassion for the young, do not have a heart that rejects or a heart that covets and have no worry or sadness in your heart. ”

“Each training session I’m getting better and better. I have no other duties now, no worries, it’s all about training, eating and sleeping.”

“From the passions arise worry, and from worry arises fear. Away with the passions, and no fear, no worry.”

“I always think that art is one of the most wonderful exciting curious ways to learn. I have no worries or apologies about art being used as a teaching medium.”

“I have no worries myself, nor do I exude or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry [on] my behalf.”

“I think about my family first. I want my family to not want for anything. I would like to make sure they have no worries.”

“I took three steps and was wrapped in his arms, where I belonged. No confusion here. No worries here. No troubles here.”

“I wanted to dissolve into the floor, mixing myself with the hard stone. A stone had a single purpose: to be. No complicated promises, no worries and no feelings.”

“If a man has no worries about himself at all for the sake of love toward God and the working of good deeds, knowing that God is taking care of him, this is a true and wise hope.”

“If I look upon my whole life, I cannot think of another time when I felt more comfortable: when I had no worries, fears, or desires, when my life seemed as soft and lovely as lying inside a cocoon of rose silk.”

“If they burn a book, have no worries. The book will feel NO pain so neither should you!”

“I’m always looking for that place, you know, where there’s no rednecks, that place where people get along, and I never find it.”

“In rare moments of deep play, we can lay aside our sense of self, shed time’s continuum, ignore pain, and sit quietly in the absolute present, watching the world’s ordinary miracles.”

“Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing.”

“No one’s hurt is too small, no worry too removed, no blessing so elusive that it cannot be seen by the eyes in the back of the human heart.”

“No worries.You go save the world.I’m gonna finish getting a cavity.”

“No worry before its time.”

“Often enough, tiredness chokes up joy, and worry extinguishes delight.”

“One thing I have no worry about is whether God exists. But it has occurred to me that God has Alzheimer’s and has forgotten we exist.”

“Purity is when there is no anxiety, no worry, no thinking.”

“Rather than sitting and worrying, do something, anything. Worrying is a waste of time.”

“Remember when you were a kid, you’d jump on the bed, and you’d have no worries in the world, and you’d just jump on it? The idea of that now scares the hell out of me. I don’t even know what would happen.”

“So, here are all the benefits of worrying: none; nothing; notta one.”

“Sometimes, worrying about the very best way keeps me from doing anything.”

“Start with the impossible. Proceed calmly towards the improbable. No worry, there are at least five exits.”

“The only thing that really works is the admission that we are powerless over our worrying and there is a power greater than ourselves to whom we can give it.”

“Upon graduation, believe it or not, I had no job. I had no interviews. I had no prospects. I had no worries. What I did have, I had passion. I had enormous passion. I had passion for financial markets. I had fallen in love with financial markets.”

“We are musicians, entertainers. We can do it. We have the right tools. No worries.”

“We have to fight them daily, lake fleas, those many small worries about the morrow, for they sap our energies.”

“When I look out at the people and they look at me and they’re smiling, then I know that I’m loved. That is the time when I have no worries, no problems.”

“When the human organism is discharging its negative experience efficiently, the mind is empty of past or future concerns; there is no worry, anticipation, or regret.”

“When we place our dependence in God, we are unencumbered, and we have no worry. In fact, we may even be reckless, insofar as our part in the production is concerned.”

“When you’re a kid, you live carefree. You notice things that go on around you, but you live like a kid with no worries until you get to that certain age where trials and tribulations come and you gotta fight and stay on your toes. That’s when survival instincts kick in.”

“When you’re really working well with a director then you can be as outrageous as you like and so can he. And there’s no worry about it.”

“When you’re young you have no worries, no drama, only your imagination. It’s the best!”

“Without memory there are no worries.”

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”

“Worrying about past regrets does nothing to change the past. Your future is where your focus should be.”

“Worrying is a waste of time; it changes nothing. It will only create stress, which can have major effects on your health.”

Living without stress or worry can make a world of difference in your life.

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