4 Anusara Yoga Poses


Anusara yoga poses are perfect for the person who wants to begin practicing yoga but isn’t sure where to start. This form of yoga is not as strict as other kinds can be and often comes across as more welcoming to beginners who may not be in as good as shape as more advanced yogis. With a fun flow and no strict rules regarding the order of poses, anusara yoga poses are fun to do and put together in your own order.

1. Wheel Pose

This pose doesn’t just give you an interesting perspective of the world, but it’s also a great way to strengthen your arms and stretch out your back. Most of us probably did this pose as kids without knowing that we were doing yoga. Your hands and feet will be touching the floor while you extend into a full backbend. Get into this pose by sitting on your bottom, planting your feet and your hands into the floor, and pushing up.

2. Camel Pose

This is another fun anusara yoga pose that is easy to achieve but a great stretch for your whole body. Sit on the floor with your shins and feet on the floor. With your legs separated lean back. You will end up with your hands holding on to your feet and your chest stretched up and out towards the ceiling.

3. Sundial Pose

This pose is a little trickier than some of the other anusara yoga poses. Sitting on the floor you will lean to the side to grab your foot with your opposite hand. Use your other hand to brace yourself on the floor. Look up and stretch your leg up towards your head. Hold this pose while you breathe deeply to stretch. Release your leg and carefully do the sundial pose on the other side with opposite hand and foot to complete this stretch.

4. Crocodile Pose

This is a great pose to use towards the end of your practice. Lie on your stomach with your feet apart and toes pointing out. Your heels should be pointed towards each other. Bending your elbows, rest your head on your hands and breathe.

As you can see, the fun poses and upbeat attitude of anusara yoga make it enjoyable for anyone to practice – not just beginners. Try to incorporate some of these poses into your next practice and see how enjoyable this form of yoga really is.

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