37 Quotes About Realness


There are many ways to be real without losing the ability to be authentic. These quotes about realness will remind you of the qualities that matter most for being viewed as genuine.

“Above the keyhole the door has a latch. It is pretending to be an authentic old latch. The door is pretending to be an authentic old door. Maybe everything there is isn’t authentic any more. Maybe everything there is is a kind of pretending.”

“All my music is autobiographical, and that’s the reason why people like my music. They know when I’m saying something on a song, I mean it. It comes from a real place and captures the realness in my life.”

“As a fan, I connect with realness. Whether it’s strong or vulnerable, if it’s real, I can connect with it.”

“But I want to feel like life matters. I had something real with you, but then the realness scared me. I decided to go for other things instead.”

“Defining oneself is a revolutionary act, and, as described in her memoir, Janet Mock fiercely fought to free herself with exquisite bravery and sensitivity. Redefining Realness is full of hope, dreams, and determination. It is a true American girl story.”

“Dialogue with the self is the source of all insight and insight is the only thing that can change your life.”

“Everybody has their own way of tapping into their realness.”

“For a moment, I felt like myself again. Not the new me, not the old me, just the real me.”

“Hollywood is lacking realness in their female characters. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that and wants to change it.”

“I believe we should really take our own phenomenology more seriously. What a good theory of conscious must explain is the variance in this subjective sense of realness.”

“I don’t have to change anything. I think that’s the secret to comedy. You want to be universal and appeal to everyone.”

“I feel like the live record thing is something that I’ve been getting used to as the years go by and with this being my second one, I’m continuing to learn what works and what doesn’t work.”

“I make no apologies for loving the finer things in life or the men I choose to date. I don’t feel bad about the person I am. Now, I do have an edge, rawness and realness, and I can tell you I’m going to keep that.”

“I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it… I always want to see the third dimension of something… I want to come alive with the object.”

“I think it need realness, you should speak on thing that you know about, that you being from, that you experienced or that you been around, you know. I think you need a good hook, good beats and good lyrics.”

“I think you can hear the struggles and hear a realness in Theocracy songs, a human element that you don’t get from a lot of the typical Christian stuff.”

“If reality shows are so popular, that means their viewers are screaming for more realness.”

“I’m really drawn to the uncompromising realness of natural process: It’s unadorned. It’s not very pretty.”

“I’m trying to maintain a level of realness that my fans can appreciate.”

“Many people define who they are, based upon what the world sees when it looks at them. They build themselves with their foundation set upon the perceptions of others.”

“Nothing we do makes us real. That which is real makes us do.”

“Now there is such a closed loop between realness and commercialism that one has to question why do more and more and more of those pictures.”

“Our footsteps run, and I don’t want them to end. I want to run and laugh and feel like this forever. I want to avoid any awkward moment when the realness of reality sticks its fork into our flesh, leaving us standing there, together.”

“People admire inner bonfires that burn so bright, and out of ignorance to these things, they gather around and think that the bonfire is some kind of blessing on their behalf, is some kind of untouched thing that knows only the purity of everything.”

“People need realness, reality. People can sense when someone is being pretentious or fake. It’s because you feel it; you see it in someone’s body language.”

“People seldom change. Only their masks do. It is only our perception of them and the perception they have of themselves that actually change.”

“Perfection, in the form of a flawless stream of words delivered with cool composure, is never as persuasive as realness. An impassioned but imperfect speech, which shows you care too much to hide flaws, is far more compelling.”

“Practicing dialogue helps you to cultivate a realness that allows you to face reality on its own terms, not just the terms you’d like it to have in order to remain in your comfort zone.”

“There’s a place for all types of country music as long as there is honesty and realness and a real human experience for the fans.”

“Things are only real after one has learned to agree on their realness. What took place this evening, for instance, cannot possibly be real to you, because no one could agree with you about it.”

“To engage in dialogue is to serve others via whatever is real inside you; to engage in debate is to ultimately serve the illusions of your ego.”

“Treat others with respect and you will always be wealthy, because your community is your real currency.”

“Uniqueness is like a signature, nobody can forge it’s exact copy.”

“We do not content ourselves with the life we have in ourselves and in our own being; we desire to live an imaginary life in the mind of others, and for this purpose we endeavor to shine.”

“What many people don’t see is that there are abundant examples of phenomenal opacity.”

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.”

“You can’t have friendships that aren’t based on realness.”

There are many ways you can be yourself. Having the ability to be authentic will win the hearts and minds of others.

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