37 Quotes About Liars and Deceivers


Deceiving another person requires maliciously setting out to lie and mislead another individual. A despicable act to say the least, there are many instances of liars and deceivers getting caught. Here are some great quotes about liars and deceivers that will get you thinking about the outcome of this type of behavior.

“A good liar knows that the most efficient lie is always a truth that has had a key piece removed from it.”

“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.”

“A liar is always lavish of oaths.”

“A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.”

“A storyteller makes up things to help other people; a liar makes up things to help himself.”

“Anybody who says they are a good liar obviously is not, because any legitimately savvy liar would always insist they’re honest about everything.”

“As a child I was an inveterate liar. As opposed to now, I am a Novelist.”

“Be bad, but at least don’t be a liar, a deceiver!”

“Denial can be beautiful. But only when you’re a fantastic liar.”

“For a man who walks in the light, to stay humble is not to walk in the dark; you don’t need to project yourself to be thought an honest man.”

“I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.”

“I know men and women. An honourable man is an honourable man, and a liar is a liar; both are born and not made. One cannot change to the other any more than that same old leopard can change its spots.”

“I never encourage deceit, and falsehood, especially if you have got a bad memory, is the worst enemy a fellow can have. The fact is truth is your truest friend, no matter what the circumstances are.”

“I’m a liar and a cheat and a coward, but I will never, ever, let a friend down. Unless of course not letting them down requires honesty, fair play, or bravery.”

“If a man, who says he loves you, won’t tell you the details of a private conversation between him and another woman you can be sure he is not protecting your heart.”

“If only these walls could talk…the world would know just how hard it is to tell the truth in a story in which everyone’s a liar.”

“Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.”

“Lying is done with words, and also with silence.”

“Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and repay greater ones – with ingratitude.”

“My belief is that, morally, God and Satan are vaguely on the same page. According to the common understanding of Satan’s origins, holiness must be in his blood: but a corrupted formula.”

“Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.”

“No one believes a liar. Even when she’s telling the truth.”

“The essence of a lie is the intention to deceive.”

“The liar suffers twice: he neither believes nor is believed.”

“The liar was the hottest to defend his veracity, the coward his courage, the ill-bred his gentlemanliness, and the cad his honor.”

“The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.”

“The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to such a pass that he cannot distinguish the truth within him.”

“The most mischievous liars are those who keep on the verge of truth.”

“The truth exposes some people so deeply, their last defense is to front a carefree insanity.”

“There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.”

“Truth is as straight as an arrow, while a lie swivels like a snake.”

“Understand that the tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes–never!”

“We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten.”

“When your lover is a liar, you and he have a lot in common, you’re both lying to you!”

“Who you are in public is a test of your conviction; who you are in private, integrity.”

“You can believe in whatsoever you like, but the truth remains the truth, no matter how sweet the lie may taste.”

“You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.”

There are specific ways to tell if someone is lying or not. Having a strong understanding to these key features will prevent you from getting further deceived.

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