35 Quotes About Stuttering


Some people suffer from a series of stuttering which are involuntary repetition of sounds. These quotes about stuttering are encouraging and capture the unique traits of these individuals.

“Before I could utter a word, my listeners had left me long ago.”

“But if you put a script up in front of me to read, or a cue card, I couldn’t do it without stuttering.”

“Don’t tell me you can’t get laid. I did even though I stutter.”

“Even my family laughed at me because they thought this young guy who’s always stuttering in front of other people should be in front of 100 musicians and talk to them and leading them.”

“Fear the soldier who stammers, for he is very fast at pulling the trigger.”

“For a few thousand years, women had no history. Marriage was our calling, and meekness our virtue. Over the last century, in stuttering succession, we have gained a voice, a vote, a room, a playing field of our own. ”

“For God’s sake (I never was more serious) don’t make me ridiculous any more by terming me gentle-hearted in print.”

“He was proud and stubborn, and all the ton looked up to him. Men curried his favor, women flirted like mad. And all the while he’d been terrified every time he’d opened his mouth.”

“His stutter didn’t like the idea of wooing and silenced any attempts to broach the subject.”

“I don’t always stutter. But when I do, I make sure I repeat everything at least 70 times.”

“I get horrified when I have to do table reads with the whole cast, because there’s a lot of stuttering coming from me, so I have to do a lot of prep.”

“I haven’t got a clue on how to love you like a lover should, how to make you happy or even how to make you stay. ”

“I may be deprived of eloquence, but my mind can never be a dumb.”

“I mean, I – it’s so funny, I am, you know, I am, you know, a working woman out in the world, but I still live with my parents half the time. I’ve been sort of taking this very long, stuttering period of moving out.”

“I noticed that there are no B batteries. I think that’s to avoid confusion, cause if there were you wouldn’t know if someone was stuttering.”

“I was able to be distant by portraying another person, another character, if you will, and I found myself not stuttering and not having anxiety attacks when I was portraying another soul, another being, and I found comfort in that.”

“I’m not embarrassed of my stuttering. I enjoy testing people’s patience.”

“I’m not embarrassed of repeating the same sentence over and over again. Repetition is the mother of learning.”

“In the midst of a generation screaming for answers, Christians are stuttering.”

“It turns out the population issue is an easier thing to deal with than the consumption issue. Some obvious extremes in consumption we can deal with.”

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”

“Some days I will be a stuttering apology and you won’t know how to handle all the things I’ve done wrong.”

“Somebody told me I should put a pebble in my mouth to cure my stuttering. Well, I tried it, and during a scene I swallowed the pebble. That was the end of that.”

“Something I always tell students is, when you’re writing something, you want to write the first draft and you want it to come out easily in the beginning.”

“Stammering is different than stuttering. Stutterers have trouble with the letters, while stammerers trip over entire parts of a sentence. We stammerers generally think of ourselves as very bright.”

“Stuttering and trying to find your thoughts, the imperfections make the performances better.”

“Stuttering can be useful. The other day a cop pulled me over for speeding, I stuttered and stuttered and stuttered and stuttered. He left without giving me a ticket.”

“Stuttering is painful. In Sunday school, I’d try to read my lessons, and the children behind me were falling on the floor with laughter.”

“The one thing I’ve learned is that stuttering in public is never as bad as I fear it will be.”

“To stutter through it with you or even stop stuttering and say nothing, was so lucky and soft, better talk than mile-a-minute with anyone.”

“What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns.”

“When I reflect that the task which the artist implicitly sets himself is to overthrow existing values, to make of the chaos about him an order which is his own, to sow strife and ferment so that by the emotional release those who are dead may be restored to life.”

“When you see a stranger, your mouth start dancing like convulsion.”

“Words cannot only be made… But made to have a meaning, free the tongue and continue your speech.”

“You may rely on it that you have the best of me in my books, and that I am not worth seeing personally, the stuttering, blunderingclod-hopper that I am.”

There are various reasons and causes to why people stutter.

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