41 Quotes About Being Mistreated In a Relationship


Suffering through an emotionally abusive relationship is troubling for many. However, it takes a lot of strength and courage to recognize this mistreatment and to take action to rectify it. Here are some great quites about being mistreated in a relationship that capture these types of environments.

“A child that’s being abused by its parents doesn’t stop loving its parents, it stops loving itself.”

“If a normally kind, agreeable person makes an enemy of you, you ought to ask yourself why.”

“I’m the girl who never gets angry and never wants anything, and that’s why my family is still alive.”

“It is not the the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”

“Lies don’t end relationships the truth does.”

“Scorned and torn, former love mates aim and shoot childish devastating daggers that penetrate beyond target to pierce the heart of their offspring.”

“She looked at him like it physically hurt her not to speak, and yet she stayed silent.”

“Staying in an unhealthy relationship that robs you of peace of mind, is not being loyal. It is choosing to hurt yourself mentally, emotionally and sometimes, physically.”

“The only people that can’t handle the truth are those that suffer so much anxiety that they will live in denial, in order to prevent their illusion from being destroyed and feeling more anxiety.”

“The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs.”

“The repeatedly cross your boundaries and ignore your requests.”

“There might have been prettier women in the room but, when she turned those babies on, fluttered her eyelashes, I was hers. It had taken me nearly fifteen years to extinguish their light.”

“They accuse or blame you of things you know aren’t true.”

“They accuse you of being “too sensitive” in order to deflect their abusive remarks.”

“They are emotionally distant or emotionally unavailable most of the time.”

“They are intolerant of any seeming lack of respect.”

“They belittle and trivialize you, your accomplishments, or your hopes and dreams.”

“They blame you for their problems, life difficulties, or unhappiness.”

“They correct or chastise you for your behavior.”

“They disengage or use neglect or abandonment to punish or frighten you.”

“They don’t seem to notice or care about your feelings.”

“They don’t show you empathy or compassion.”

“They give you disapproving or contemptuous looks or body language.”

“They have an inability to laugh at themselves and can’t tolerate others laughing at them.”

“They humiliate you, put you down, or make fun of you in front of other people.”

“They invalidate or deny their emotionally abusive behavior when confronted.”

“They make excuses for their behavior, try to blame others, and have difficulty apologizing.”

“They make subtle threats or negative remarks with the intent to frighten or control you.”

“They play the victim and try to deflect blame to you rather than taking personal responsibility.”

“They regularly demean or disregard your opinions, ideas, suggestions, or needs.”

“They regularly point out your flaws, mistakes, or shortcomings.”

“They resort to pouting or withdrawal to get attention or attain what they want.”

“They share personal information about you with others.”

“They try to control the finances and how you spend money.”

“They try to control you and treat you like a child.”

“They try to make you feel as though they are always right, and you are wrong.”

“They use sarcasm or “teasing” to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself.”

“They view you as an extension of themselves rather than as an individual.”

“They withhold sex as a way to manipulate and control.”

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive.”

“You feel like you need permission to make decisions or go out somewhere.”

There are many reasons why some may feel compelled to not leave an abusive relationship. Understanding their mindset and reasons will help you to find the right solution for their situation.

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