33 Quotes About Insecure Females


Suffering from insecurity in your life can be difficult to recover from. These quotes about insecure females capture some of the superficial nature as a result of these feelings.

“A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better.”

“Be careful who you share your weakness with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to use them against you.”

“Being insecure & not trusting your man gives him every reason to act up. What does he have to work for?”

“Being insecure and holding your guard up is not the same thing.”

“Bitter people are not interested in what you say, but what you hide.”

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”

“Don’t let jealousy fool you. It’s just another name for insecurity”

“Don’t think that someone else is more blessed than you are, because we are blessed in different ways.”

“Envy is the desire to have what someone else has. Jealousy is the fear of losing what you have.”

“Even the prettiest woman could feel insecure if she loves a wrong man. What make her beautiful is a man who can treat her right.”

“Everyone is insecure. The trick is to make an attempt at greatness despite your insecurities.”

“I am convinced that the jealous, the angry, the bitter and the egotistical are the first to race to the top of mountains.”

“Insecure people have to make excuses and put others down to feel confident.”

“Insecure people often falsify the past, in order to make the future pure.”

“Insecurity is an ugly thing, it makes you hate people you don’t even know.”

“It is not the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world; it is the woman that holds the keys to the kingdom.”

“Its nothing wrong with being insecure, but work on YOU before you try and get involved with someone.”

“It’s okay to be jealous when it comes to your partner, the problem is when you start being insecure. Insecurity is highly unattractive.”

“Jealousy doesn’t show how much you love someone, it shows how insecure you are.”

“Love has a way of making the sane insane and the insane normal.”

“Make up is directly proportional to insecurity. The more insecure you are, the more make up you have on.”

“Often a woman that doesn’t have any business being in a fight is there because their ego thinks it can mend what other people can’t.”

“One of the most powerful lessons in life is to recognize that no one can give you power, and many people don’t want you to have it. You have to find the courage to seize it, own it and hold on!”

“People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams.”

“People that don’t know what they are worth will always see their capture’s wings, but never their tail.”

“People’s behaviors are messages, not a diagnosis because I can no longer discern the world’s version of insanity.”

“Society taught me that no matter what size I am, I will never be good enough. I’ll always be too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall…Too this, too that.”

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

“There are no pretty people in the eyes of jealousy.”

“They will hate you if you are beautiful. They will hate you if you are successful. They will hate you if you are right. They will hate you if you are popular.”

“We are all beautiful except in the eyes of an insecure.”

“You act like it’s you against the world but it’s really just you against yourself.”

“You cant have a man look at you for 5 seconds without you being insecure.”

Insecurity can create a multitude of issues in your relationship if not destroy it all together.

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