33 Quotes About Forbidden Love Affair


In recent times, the discussion of love, marriage, and sex has changed. A more open look into the cases of infidelity and rate of obtaining a lifetime monogamous relationship have been evaluated. Here is a look at some of the most notable quotes about forbidden love affairs that will get you thinking.

“A love affair is a spirited ride over volcanoes.”

“A man’s love for a woman is not defined by his availability in bed, but by every ingredient he adds to improve the taste of the relationship.”

“Don’t make your journey toward success a competition—make it a love affair.”

“Everyday life continues during a love affair.”

“Falling in love can be likened to someone, falling from a high building. The possible result will be unconsciousness if not death.”

“Flattery does not encourage the perfect flow of love in the vein of your relationship. Be genuine and speak out what you feel for each other without hiding the painful truth.”

“He brought out the worst in me, and was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power.”

“I loved you for a thousand years and missed you in all of them.”

“I wish I could hold your hand outside this room, go for a walk, sit on a patio, watch the world go by.”

“If you’re nice, decent, attractive, get good grades and are talented, no one wants to read about that…They want to read what’s out-of the-ordinary, the scandalous, the shocking and the tragic.”

“I’ll always wonder what time it is there; if you’re dreaming, or awake. My moon is your sun; my darkness, your light.”

“It is better to lock up your heart with a merciless padlock, than to fall in love with someone who doesn’t know what they mean to you.”

“It may not seem like much – a few kisses in the dark – but it was enough to burn a hole like an ulcer in my heart.”

“Jealousy from a love affair is something even God can admit.”

“Love affair. Doesn’t that sound so middle-aged? And also ill-fated. Like ill-fated is an understood prefix to love affair.”

“My dear, if heaven is truly a place, then it is situated in your heart, that special place, that was reserved for me.”

“Never invest in any kind of relationship with anyone who is not willing to work on themselves just a little every day.”

“Only a fool would be patient enough to stay in a totalitarian love affair, and only the insincere will use anarchy to commit the sin of unfaithfulness.”

“Remember thee! remember thee! Till Lethe quench life’s burning stream. Remorse and shame shall cling to thee, And haunt thee like a feverish”

“So many love affairs doesn’t survive, because the couple has been very loving to each other but with the time they stop respecting each other.”

“Some men can love forever, some for six years, some for six months, and others for six hours.”

“Some people tend to throw your love to the dogs when you become totally submissive to them, but when you want to get out of the heat, they pull you back into the kitchen.”

“Sticking to one person for a lifetime is not a waste of time or lack of better ones, it means you’ve found your place of eternity.”

“The beauty with modest smile, whose secrecy of silent love had just been stolen, beamed at this wonderful offer and she replenished herself with his love as a carefree child cossetted with luxurious warmth after a cold shower.”

“The game never changes, you must be in the secret before you are shown to the public.”

“The heart becomes warmer when the mild heat of love is coming from two persons. one is in eternal cold and desolation without feeling the friction of love.”

“The vacancy in your heart doesn’t connotes that nobody is seeking for the job of servicing your feelings, but because the employee must first have all the necessary credentials needed for the job.”

“There are few things more mysterious than endings. I mean, for example, when did the Greek gods end, exactly?”

“There is no compromise when it comes to someones delicate feelings, the only way out is to stop pretending and set yourself free from someones life.”

“True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.”

“You break me the hardest, make me the strongest, and keep me the softest.”

“You can still go home a loyal wife.”

There is a lot to learn about sexual desire and the ability to maintain a successful relationship through its ups and downs.

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