31 Quotes About Moody People


Being unpredictable is one of the most common signs of moody people. Being difficult to deal with can gain you a negative reputation. These quotes about moody people serve as a testament to the type of common characteristics you can expect to experience.

“A woman is a woman; Sometimes she’s moody, emotional, clingy but she is still to be loved. Deal with it.”

“And people are moody, dude. You gotta get used to living with people.”

“Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.”

“Authority figures always attract trouble.”

“I think crying over spilt milk and being all moody and sulky is really bratty behavior. You shouldn’t do it, because it’s going to drag you and everyone else around you down.”

“I think I’m generally an upbeat person. Obviously I can get moody, but my whole philosophy is to try and have a good time.”

“I think I’m good at looking moody. I’m not much good at analysing myself, but I tend to fit the strange and tortured characters.”

“I wouldn’t live with me, believe me. I’m moody.”

“If you’re fighting moodiness and depression you don’t want to hang around a bunch of other moody and depressed people.”

“I’m as moody and complex and private as anyone I ever knew.”

“I’m going to have my moody times.”

“I’m not that moody. I don’t have big ups and downs.”

“I’m really an inner spirit that only makes itself known through the music. A lot of people think I’m an introvert, or quiet and moody. I’ve even heard some people say that there’s a certain mystery or darkness about me. I’m not that way. I’m just really into what I do.”

“I’m very moody, so I dress for whatever mood I’m in. Sometimes I want to be a little more boyish and flowy and comfortable. Sometimes I want to feel a little sexier and more composed.”

“It is a wonderful thing to be liked by a stranger, but without respect it is pointless. It is like pulling the pedals off a rose and throwing the stem at the person you like.”

“It touched me to be trusted with something terrible.”

“It’s so hard to find the place somewhere in the middle of the best and worst I’ve felt.”

“My best personality trait that I think I’m very approachable. And my worst is that I can be moody.”

“My sadness is beautiful. It infuses everything I do. It is at the core of my identity and always has been, just as happiness is in some people.”

“My style is definitely schizophrenic; it does change from day to day a lot. It depends on my mood: sometimes I’ll be going through a girly, childlike stage and wear a pretty lace dress with a bow in my hair. Then sometimes I’ll be moody and just wear black.”

“My whole mentality is that I eat what I want within moderation, and I have a little bit of everything. If you deprive yourself, you get moody and unhappy, and you have to enjoy life.”

“Other people get moody in their forties and fifties – men get the male menopause. I missed the whole thing. I was just really happy.”

“Rain fell on the roofs of the just and the unjust, the saints and the sinners, those who knew peace and those in torment, and tomorrow began at a dark hour.”

“She fell into the moody, miserable state of mind which often comes when strong wills have to yield to the inevitable.”

“Sometimes when you dig deep into the past, you shed uncontrollable tears.”

“Song-writing is therapy for me. I’m a very moody person, very difficult to live with. There’s a lot going on and a lot of contradictions. My life is always one step away from disaster.”

“The ocean was one of the greatest things he had ever seen in his life—bigger and deeper than anything he had imagined.”

“The person who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle but still wants you in his/her life.”

“There are those who’ll turn innocent occasions to their advantage.”

“They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?”

“You try to be moody when you’re young and it had a good ring to it.”

Dealing with moody individuals can be emotionally exhausting to deal with.

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