3 Techniques for Coping with a Miscarriage


No matter how far along in your pregnancy, losing the baby to a miscarriage is a life-altering event. It is one that takes time to heal emotionally and physically. You may find that it’s difficult to go about your normal routine for a while and may find it hard to relate to other people who haven’t had the same experience. These emotions are all totally normal. Although coping with a miscarriage is incredibly difficult, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself through the process.

1. Accept Your Emotions

You may find yourself going through all of the stages of grief: shock and denial, guilt and anger, depression and despair, and finally acceptance. These emotions are totally normal and you will need to allow yourself to feel them. Trying to deny your emotions or to hide them from yourself and from others will not help, it will only make this experience harder to heal from. Now is the time to talk to a friend, counselor, or pastor. Finding someone who can help you talk through and understand your emotions is important.

2. Take Time

Your grief will take it’s own time. You will heal at your own pace, and that’s important to understand. Take time for yourself and spend time doing what you love. Whether it’s writing, reading, or art, taking time to care for yourself is an important part of healing. It doesn’t matter if others understand – what’s important is that you are able to be happy with yourself during this time.

3. Get Help

You and your partner may decide to try to get pregnant again. Make sure that you have come to peace with your miscarriage before trying for another baby. You’d be surprised at how many women have suffered a miscarriage and survived, and you may be able to find a large support group if you want one. Whatever you do, just make sure that you have reached peace before moving on with your life. If you find that you can’t cope with your miscarriage and that your feelings of grief aren’t diminishing, then get help.

Coping with a miscarriage is a personal journey. You may decide to have a service for your baby. Family and friends can help you through this difficult time. The most important thing to remember is that it will take time for you to heal. Let your body heal physically and focus on your emotional well-being during this time.

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