What is Anusara Yoga


Anusara Yoga is a Hatha-based yoga which it influenced by Tantric philosophies of alignment. “Anusara” itself means “glowing with grace”. Founded by John Friend, it places the importance on experimenting joy and flow in your practice. Friend was deeply influenced by the Iyengar style of yoga, and its elements of Hindu. Thus, Anusara was born.

What is Anusara Yoga?

AnysaraYoga contains a set of Universal Principles of Alignment, which is present in all the asanas in the practice. It is also rooted in in the Tantric principle belief of goodness. The “Universal Principles of Alignment” is the main focus of the practice. There asanas show how to properly align the body, heart and mind. Through proper alignment, strength, good heath and overall mental and physical well being are reached.

The Three A’s

In the practice of Anusara, there are three parts, otherwise known as “The Three A’s” These are fundamental points when processing Anusara. They are:

1. Attitude

The heart is our most powerful source, as it is the houses love, compassion, and joy. By focusing on our attitude, we are opening a door to celebrating our lives. The attitude is the hearts desire to open our door and be free. It moves and responds in correlation to the heart.

2. Alignment

Alignment isn’t solely a physical practice, it is a mental and emotional one as well. Through self-discovery, awareness and observation, we can learn how to properly align ourselves and discover balance. If alignment could speak, it would declare “I feel.”

3. Action

Action is manifestation. I involves the movement of pushing the door open. It involves the whole body.

Focal Points in the Body in Anusara

There are three parts of the body that Anusara Yoga pays special attention too. They are:

  • The Pelvic Area
  • The Heart Center
  • The Roof of the Mouth

Each area is given special attention, and only one area is given special attention in the pose at a time. A key element in Anusara yoga is painting the positions longer than usually held in other practices. The reason for this is that it brings deeper awareness and applies the the principles of alignment as well as spirituality to the body. There are over two hundred and fifty poses practiced in Anusara Yoga. However, Anusara Yoga does not use routines.

Due to controversy, such as allegations of unethical work practices and abuse, John Friend left the practice which helped create. However, Anusara Yoga is still practiced today.

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