What is Angamardhana?


Just as there are countless fitness regimens in the world, yoga counts Angamardhana as part of its fitness system.  But really, it’s not about fitness, that’s just a side effect.  Angamardhana yoga is defined as, “gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body.”  As we are talking about yoga, or union, the aim is to remove obstacles that elicit a sense of duality.  With some, the body is the main issue; with others, it is the mind.  So, when the body does not function at its peak and garners constant attention or pain, then it becomes a source of identification for the ego.  The goal with Angamardhana is to make the body into the pinnacle of efficiency that is no longer a distraction to the seeker of ultimate truth.

The Angamardhana practitioner is aiming to take the body out of the equation as an obstacle to attainment, or really to any goal which one may have.  Imagine having a body which is always in concert with one’s aspirations, instead of a hinderance.  As a simple example of this, take the average spiritual aspirant in just sitting meditation.  How long are you able to sit before the hips, ankles, thighs, or back begin to hurt?  Imagine a body which can sit comfortably for hours.  This may sound unimaginable, but it is quite possible and demonstrated by Angamardhana yogis.  This is just a simple illustration of the benefits but of course there are countless more.

One of the key aspects is that the body become limber with excellent muscle tone but without bulk or rigidity.  The degrees of freedom are greatly enhanced with flexibility and stability.  Balance is also established.   Angamardhana has aspects that address muscular development, as well as cardiovascular training.  And, as a yoga practice, the practice gets more and more subtle in how one engages in the different dimensions of this method.  It falls within the Hatha yoga family.

Angamardhana also speaks to perfecting the geometry of the human system, so that it is a better alignment with that of creation, the solar system, and the cosmos in general.  The more aligned we are with that greater geometry, the better we function in all aspects of life, and the more synchronicity we find.  There is much less friction in the way we operate, and energy levels are enriched.

Long term meditators will often note that sensations from the body cease, and it feels like the limbs are absent.  That is what Angamardhana ultimately facilitates.  Only awareness of the spine remains.  Accordingly, mystical aspects are opened up.  It enables a greater potential for the human system.

Watch Video on Angamardhana here: (46) What is Angamardhana? – YouTube

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