The Simple Truth


If all of spirituality could be distilled to a simple 3-step truth, it would be this.

First, let’s understand that we have five aspects:

  1. Asti – Is-ness, recognition of being, or existence
  2. Bhati – Knowledge, illumination, or expression
  3. Preeti – Love, or bliss
  4. Nama – Name
  5. Rupa – Form

Secondly, whereas matter has Nama and Rupa (name & form), pure consciousness has Asti, Bhati, Preeti (Existence, conscious expression, and pure love or bliss).

Thirdly, Maya (ignorance or delusion) is the association and identification with name and form only, forgetting that we are in fact existence, consciousness, bliss.  This is the state of most of humanity today.

At its core, spirituality is just this – coming to the realization that we are more than name and form – that is why human beings always aspire for more.  We search for this expansion of who we are in the old territory of name and form (wealth, power, control) but we find true happiness when we touch the eternal is-ness, consciousness, bliss.  In simple terms, that is spirituality – the aspiration to experience what we actually are.

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