How to Stop Nagging in a Relationship


Nagging in a relationship isn’t healthy. It is usually ineffective and can have lost lasting damaging effects on your relationship. If you find yourself nagging your significant other there are ways that you can stop this and work to improve your relationship. Read on to find out more.

Understand Your Anger

At it’s core, nagging is about expressing your anger towards your partner. Unfortunately, no matter how justified your feelings are, nagging won’t work. Pouring that much negative energy into something that your partner is doing isn’t going to help.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

The small things that your partner doesn’t do – such as put socks in the laundry, shut the cupboard, or put a cup in the sink – doesn’t translate to the relationship ending. It’s easy when you’re nagging to blow these things out of proportion and to make them seem worse than they are. Your partner isn’t ignoring your requests out of spite, but may begin to when you keep nagging.

Remember the Positive

It’s easy in a relationship to only focus on the negative aspects, especially if you’re caught in a cycle of nagging. It’s important to break out of that cycle and remember the positive parts of your relationship. Vent to your friends, but when you are talking to your partner try to relive some of the fun things you’ve done together. When you focus on positivity, you’re less likely to let anger take over.

Let It Go

Try to look at the big picture when you feel like you might start nagging. Is your partner not putting socks in the laundry worth ending your relationship? If not, then take a deep breath, do it for them, and move on with your day. Allow small annoyances to fester will only ruin your day, and the anger that this causes may well ruin your relationship.

Enjoy Each Other

Don’t keep picking at your partner, demanding yet another conversation. Instead, if you can’t stop fighting, change the course of your day and go do something fun. Try to forget about all the things you nag about, and show your partner how much you love them. It’s these memories and emotions that will give your relationship the power to go the distance when things get tough.

No matter how easy it is to nag, actually nagging your partner has detrimental effects on your relationship. It’s best to take a deep breath, have some fun, and remember all the things you love about them.

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