Shape up, Lose weight with Power Yoga


Body sculpting, core workout, lean muscles, and calisthenics are buzzwords associated with weight management and building a lean look which is the aspiration of many.   Maintaining a healthy weight is a basic necessity, which if ignored can lead to undesirable health complications. Each body has its own optimal weight. Being at optimal weight creates a sense of happiness, fulfillment and most importantly, acceptance of how the body looks and feels.

If the metabolic function is working well, then weight is a matter of calories taken minus calories expended and if that balance is negative then weight loss is natural. While this can be accomplished with diet, it is not the optimal way to lose weight as the lack of exercise results in loss of muscle mass and overall flexibility. So adding movement serves both purposes – weight loss and muscle maintenance.

A good cardiovascular workout along with calisthenics, light weights and a wholesome diet is good enough to stay trim, fit, happy and healthy.  However, a high impact work out can wear out your muscles fast and can eventually lead to weight gain if the intensity of the workout cannot be not maintained due to muscle fatigue.  This is where yoga can help. Yoga is not only a great stress buster and relaxer, but is also vital for cultivating mindfulness and a deep connection of the body, mind and spirit, which helps us move through life with greater awareness.

How can yoga help with weight loss?  Yoga incorporates many twisting, turning and bending moves that  target all parts of the body.  The twisting and bending put pressure on the internal organs, improves blood flow, thereby stimulating the organs to function at their optimal level. For example, it can improve  digestion for better absorption of nutrients causing weight loss. Excess cortisol in the system – due to stress – is one of main factors of weight gain. Yoga helps maintain healthy cortisol levels, to boost the weight loss.

There is a particular yoga practice called “Power Yoga” that has become quite popular. It is a high energy yoga practice that involves quick movement and shifting between asanas inducing higher caloric burn rate. The asanas also work on the core to build and tone the muscles.  The quick movements with attention to the breath stimulate the sweat glands to give a similar feel of a cardiovascular workout. The benefits of power yoga are

1) Burns a good amount of calories.

2) Improves stamina and flexibility due to the fast paced movements.

3) Gives all the benefit of yoga like – stress reduction, brings balance, calms the mind.

4) Improves mental and physical resilience.

5) Increases one awareness of the body mind connection and creates a sense of empowerment.

As this is a high energy workout, always consult the doctor before starting off on “Power Yoga”.  Any type of practice should be supported with a wholesome diet not only to lose weight, but create overall well-being and ease in the system. Bring your yoga mat and get a ready for power packed yoga.

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