How to Rekindle the Spark in a Relationship


If your relationship no longer has the spark or lust that it did at the beginning, it might be time to rekindle the spark. The feelings that you once had when you began dating your partner do not have to be fleeting. It is possible to get back those same feelings of excitement and attraction that you once had. When you first started your relationship, you were most likely attentive and invested in a way that you no longer are. This means that in order to get the spark back, you need to put more of an effort into your relationship. Getting the spark back can be easy if you know what steps to take. Here are a few of the best ways to get the spark back in your relationship.

See Them in a New Way

The reason that it is so easy to have romance and attraction in the beginning, is because the newness is still there. This means that your partner can likely do no wrong and everything about them is endearing. As time goes on, the things that you once saw as endearing can now be annoying. This means that you need to try seeing your partner in a new light. Seeing them from fresh eyes can be a great way to remember all of the things that you love about them. Recall all of the sweet moments that you have shared and focus on the feelings that you had early on in the relationship. This could help bring back the butterflies.


If you really want to rekindle the spark in a hurry, you need to make sure that you are actually listening to your partner. This means that you need to pay attention to what they are asking for from you and how you can make more of an effort to bring the romance back. Your partner will often tell you what they want and need, but you need to be listening to hear what they want.

Be Kind

You also need to make more of an effort to be kind and understanding. This means that you need to be tuned into your partner’s needs and you also need to try to be less frustrated or angry. This is the only real way that you can help bring back the flame. Being kind can go long way and your partner will notice and be responsive.

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