Qigong for the Body, Mind, and Spirit


With Covid still raging, our lives are yet to return to the normal that we used to enjoy. The lock downs, loss of livelihood, social distancing, economic and financial impact has created more fear, anxiety, and depression than ever before.  So, especially during this time, it is very important that our minds remain stable.  While it is true that the virus can impact us physically, we need not create suffering in our minds.  Hard as it to maintain that awareness, there are healing practices that strengthen the mind, body, and spirit connection so that – regardless of what is happening – we can maintain balance, peace, and stability within ourselves.

Qigong is a powerful and healing practice that has been practiced for centuries in China. Qigong is also known as qi gongchi kung, or chi gung. The “Chi” refers to the life force flowing within all living beings.  Chi is the energy that powers up the system functions, thought, emotion and if we learn how to be in tune with it, it can create a deep sense of harmony within.

As Chi is the life energy itself, practicing Qigong brings us in touch with all of life.  Qigong practices are generally done outdoors in nature, so we can feel, experience, and connect with all life around us.  The practice reminds us that the same life energy or Chi that operates in nature is also within us. It is believed that the movements in Qigong originated by observing the movements in nature to reinforce that connection. The movements are designed to enhance the Chi making us feel alive and happy, creating harmony within and without.

Qigong is easy to learn and practice, as even a few simple movements can be quite reenergizing and invigorating. It helps improve the energy movement in the body through various types of physical movements and deep breathing associated with those movements.  These practices are generally slow and rhythmic.  Combined with deep breathing, the movements create deep relaxation in the entire system.  Overall, this practice has a powerful effect on the mind, body, and spirit, improves health by reducing stress, and changes the overall outlook toward life.

Regular practice also strengthens the various systems – the digestive, nervous, respiratory system etc.  Especially during these pandemic times, it is crucial that we invest in our physical wellbeing to reinforce and boost such crucial functions.

There are various types of Qigong practices like:

  • Taoist Qigong – for preservation of the physical body and long life.
  • Medical Qigong – for creating health, vitality, and treating illnesses.
  • Buddhist Qigong – for liberating the mind and for spiritual enlightenment.
  • Confucian Qigong – for developing character and intelligence.
  • Martial Art Qigong – for training the body to enhance the flow of Chi for greater power.

The most popular and frequently practiced Qigong around the world is Medical Qigong due to its overall health benefits.  This ancient practice is not associated with any religion or philosophy. Its basic premise is to liven up the life force or Chi within, so we feel healthy, happy, and joyful – a wonderful exercise for body, mind, and spirit.  Create your own flow with Qigong with this video.

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