Managing Crohn’s Disease – The Yogic Way


 Alternative ways of managing Crohn’s involves Nutrition and Yoga. Part 2 of the article deals with Yoga.

Handling your Crohn’s with utmost care is very important. While strong medication keeps the symptoms in check, caring for your body, mind, emotion and energy is crucial in regaining your health  The symptoms are like road signs that are helpful in indicating something has gone off  in the body. Learning what triggers the symptoms helps us to handle the root of the problem.  As this is a condition  caused by inflammation in the gut,  understanding the causes helps us to avoid the situation that stimulates the triggers. The biggest and most common trigger for inflammation is stress. Reducing stress levels greatly helps contain the inflammation.

Yoga is a great stress reliever. It keeps the cortisol secretion in check and helps release seratonin, also known as the happy hormone.  A rigorous yoga routine makes the internal organs strong and resilient.   Doing asanas that are targeted for core organs (stomach, digestive tract, kidneys liver etc.) strengthening may go a long way in helping manage Crohn’s.  The asanas when combined with deep breathing improves blood flow to the organs and helps release the toxins from the system.  Adequate hydration is important to help eject the toxins.  While yoga involves working primarily with the body, meditation techniques work on the mind by altering the brain waves from agitation to relaxation.  Adding yoga and meditation to the daily routine deepens the mind-body connection.  A strong body houses a resilient mind. A calm and balanced mind keeps physiological  diseases at bay. Together they are a potent tonic to manage Crohn’s.

Any condition with appropriate level of information and insight can be well managed. After all, no ailment should come in the way of living life to the fullest.  So take a commitment today to take charge of your Crohn’s and follow along with this short yoga routine targeted for IBD, Crohn’s and other digestive issues.  Hope that the daily practice of yoga provides the much needed relief.

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