In the Image of the Divine


What does it mean to be created in the image of the Divine?  The simplicity of the answer may be surprising.  It does not mean God looks like us, it means we have divine abilities within ourselves.  These days there’s a lot of scientific evidence suggesting the power of intention which can manifest into reality.  Books like The Secret, journalists like Lynne Taggart, and scientific researchers like Gary Schwartz are presenting compelling evidence about this.

That ability sounds familiar – isn’t that divine power – to create by intention?  In fact, human beings have always known about this, but we’ve missed it because it’s been right under our noses.  We take the everyday for granted but this whole planet is shaped by human intention.  We don’t realize it but thought and emotion are energetic charges that have creative potential.  That is what’s behind the power of group prayer, or collective intention experiments.

The problem we face is that power comes with responsibility, and we are not yet responsible enough as a species to wield this power.  We can see that in the state of the world today – it is shaped in the way we have imagined it: prioritizing mechanistic convenience and security ahead of organic living system.  Humanity is slowly evolving, but for now there is still prominence of individual exclusivity above the inclusive well-being of all.  So, ego still prevails but we can see signs of change.

Speaking of the individual, we can manifest intention in our own lives as well, with sustained organization and focus of mind.  The four dimensions of this are physical action, emotional action, mental action, and energy actions which need to be properly directed.  This means moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity.  However, we are often plagued by doubt, and because thoughts have energy, these notions negate all our physical efforts towards our goals.

Creation came into being from intense outbursts of energy, and that is how we also can manifest our intentions – intense intentions of conscious potency unencumbered by any negative counter-thoughts or emotions.  We are the image of the divine, and we have the same potential to create, but we need to be deliberate and responsible if we are to be successful.  In the past traditions, people used faith to dispel negativity but in today’s scientific age, faith is not easy to come by, so we need commitment.  Clarity of vision, focused stream of thought towards that vision, are what’s needed.

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