How to “Retreat” Yourself


Imagine when you get up in the morning, you have no tasks to do, no distracting messages, social media sound bites to respond and follow. What would that day be like? Do we even remember the time when we had all that time to indulge in activities that we loved, without having to think of all these distractions?  Probably not. With the current sound bite consuming mindset and short attention span lifestyle it is hard to stay engaged in an activity for any length of time without the compulsive distractions.  Every space where we spend a majority of our time – home, office, shops etc – has devices and electronics that are constantly on.  Of course these devices serve a useful purpose and has made our life comfortable beyond our expectations. However overindulgence in it is debilitating our society in many ways. So when there is no space to reflect and connect with our inner self, a lack of joy, happiness and fulfillment naturally arises. It is important to recognize that and take some time off every so often to rejuvenate by connecting with the inner self. If your home does not offer that kind of space or time, then going to a retreat like a yoga and or spiritual retreat makes sense.

There are various types of retreats – health and wellness retreats, yoga retreats, spiritual retreats etc. A wellness retreat offers wellness facilities, such as a spa or fitness centre and has programs that cater to general wellness. A health retreat, has specific therapies and activities, guided by certified health and fitness professionals.  A yoga retreat focuses on the practice of yoga. The purpose of this retreat is to allow participants to dive into yoga without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from daily routine that typically last from a weekend to a week or more. Spiritual retreats are of a different nature and involves a longer stay at the retreat for inner change or transformation to occur.

While picking a retreat, make sure it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, tucked away in nature.  While choosing your options, imagine being at ease and really enjoying every aspect of the day, the earth that you walk on, the sunshine, the air you breathe, doing yoga or any retreat specific activity taking the time to connect with nature and with yourself.  Whatever the type of retreat, make sure it caters to your current needs, price point and carries a well trained and professional staff. It should be accessible to the closest transportation mechanism and a medical clinic. At the very least the retreat should provide excellent and clean basic amenities, so when you are there your focus is on yourself and the activities.

Once you have your decided, make your reservations, pack your bags, take a short hiatus from your normal life and be ready for complete immersion at the retreat. So how does it benefit to go to a retreat?

1) Withdrawing from regular life and channeling yours energies (that are otherwise spread thin) in a direction that you want.

2) Feeling light and energized by detoxifying the mind and body.

2) Experiencing free time.  There is no rush to get things done.

3) Becoming life oriented and tapping into the creative self.

4) Listening to the sounds of nature and becoming aware of the stillness within.

5) Being yourself and dropping all the roles, which tremendously eases the burden of being “someone”.

6) Being more present and connected with the inner self.

If every activity in the retreat is well structured and well designed, it will give you the much needed break from all the distraction of daily life, giving ample time and space to connect within, and emerge recharged and rejuvenated at the end of it.

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