Gift Yourself 3 Minute Yoga Everyday


With our overly busy life style spending even an hour or thirty minutes on an activity seems like a stretch. Our time is divided into tiny segments. So spending 10 minutes on an activity seems reasonable.  Life is quite ingenious in that it has a solution for everything.  3 minute meals, 5 minute car washes, 10 minute power naps, 5 minute meetings, 30 seconds to click and order online etc is trending in popularity. Just the thought of spending 5 – 10 minutes on something makes it seem achievable. Our mind is trained to think in 5 – 10 minute bursts and anything beyond seems arduous.

However these simple inventions to finish the most mundane tasks in a few minutes opens up time to do what we value most. Such as taking care of health and well-being, which should top the “value-list chart.”  With the seemingly never ending list of things on our plates, self care always takes a back seat.  The good news is that there are 5 minute power walks, 5 minute meditations, 3 – 5 minute yoga routines and much more.  Thanks to the creativity of a few talented people!

Spending even 3 minutes on a short yoga routine can work wonders on our health.  The benefits are many fold. It keeps our mind and body alert and active through the day.  It brings awareness to our posture, our thought patterns and reaction which prompts us to take remedial action as we feel the buildup of stress. It also enhances the mind body connection so we know to keep a wholesome diet. These simple things will ensure good health for a long time to come.

Today, make at least a 3 minute commitment for your health. That is the best thing you can gift yourself. Know that “Health Is Wealth.” Below is a 3 minute video for you to rise, shine and do Yoga.

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