The Fourth State: Dimension of Pure Intelligence


Some days are like a tornado, wreaking havoc in our daily lives. It is like a whirlwind vortex swirling the baton with a label ”everything will go wrong TODAY”. We can watch our disastrous day unfold in front of our eyes, hear the agony with our own ears and almost smell the filthy day we experienced. Our outward sense perceptions experience this agonizing day with horrendous adjectives visualizing the current miserable situation. And sure enough, our thoughts and emotions add to this turmoil and we are a mental mess.

At these very intense moments it is the Mindfulness lesson that comes to the rescue, guiding us to take a deep breath and close our eyes. This is a sincere effort to calm the agitation in the body as well as the mind. Once the eyes, ears are blocked to the outside world, racing thoughts lessen their speed leading to a temporary calmer mind.

But hey..wait a minute.. how do we know that there are sense perceptions, or thoughts and emotions emerging within us?  Is there a hidden intelligence within us which allows these sense perceptions, thoughts, emotions to be felt?  Does the Silent Mind become more conscious and aware? We experience another dimension of Intelligence, deep within us, after we quieten the Noisy Mind. This spiritual dimension which is described by ancient Hindu texts as The Fourth state is called Consciousness. Consciousness is pure Intelligence within us and is also called Awareness.

Consciousness, a term used so widely yet is extremely abstract to define in words. Most humans are not even aware of this dimension, as it is covered by the numerous layers of our mind. Consciousness is always present within us.  It is only the level of  intensity that differs from person to person. “ How Conscious are you?” is a parameter that helps people gauge their individual  State of “Consciousness”.

This dimension of intelligence which is the source of everything, is neither the body nor the mind. Thus, this dimension enables us to be aware of our mind, thoughts, emotions, without being trapped in them. Consciousness is not tainted with memory and allows us to see the things as they are without any prejudice or bias.  Once we tap into this nectar within us, we are free from suffering more misery as it helps us to observe our countless thoughts churning in our heads. This observation activity enables disidentification with the thoughts churning in our heads.

Consciousness is present all the time in ALL individuals. The vital question is how do we access this treasure and be connected to it all the time. Various meditation techniques are structured to help us quieten the agitated mind . Thus, the term “Going Inward” is born. As we ignore the outward sense perceptions, and the outside noise infused with memory, thoughts and emotions, we can liberally conduct a journey “Inwards” removing all the layers of the mind which taint our Inner Intelligence. Once we touch the hidden dimension of awareness, we have no judgement and no bias. We clearly see everything with no disturbance from our thoughts and emotions. This indeed is our true nature, which is a state of inner peace and freedom that transforms our lives!



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