Cleanse your Aura to Refresh and Energize your System


After a stressful rough day, a shower refreshes us. The water  refreshes our mental and emotional system, as it absorbs the negativities and expels it from the human systems.

All beings have an energy field around them. This energy field is manifested as translucent body surrounding the entire physical body. This subtle energy field makes us experience the Universal Energy field and connects us to energy field of other beings and our environment. This is the explanation for collective vibrations in a room; interaction of the energy field of all the people. In holistic environments, people feel more energetic as they feed off the positive vibrations in the room. In a mall we may feel drained, as the large crowds will have a mix of reverberation, a mix of different energies.

Thus, it is essential to take care of the energy field around us and cleanse it regularly. Many cultures follow the tradition of Aura Cleansing , as our physical body is a manifestation of five elements. This concept is used for aura cleansing. Healthy aura leads to a healthy Body as well as a healthy mind.

To maintain a healthy aura, we need to get into a daily routine of yoga, meditation, pranic healing, Tai-Chi, mantra sound vibrations, reiki etc. These practices enable us to ward off any negative energies from entering into our physical and emotional structures.

Below are various methods of aura cleansing:

Different kinds of sacred herbs are burnt and then the smoke is used to cleanse the person.

Connecting with nature is a very popular way to remove the negativities in the Aura. A walk in a green area connects us to mother nature and our soul feels nourished. Walking barefoot allows us to be in direct contact with mother Earth making us calm and peaceful. Sunlight sustains us and induces optimism in our System.

Another popular way is to cleanse our system with fire. This is an ancient tradition of using this element to purify our aura. Fire is known to transform dormant, sluggish energy into positive vibrations. A small lamp, diya or a candle is lit in homes for this purpose. One can feel the healing vibrations by hanging out near a campfire or in front of a fireplace. Certain cultures perform a Fire Bath, where the entire body, front and back, is exposed to this fire. It’s a very powerful way of destroying the impurities present in the system.

A water Bath with herbs or salt are commonly used to cleanse aura at home; this process should be done with an intention to cleanse the Aura.

Now when you go to the ocean, welcome the ocean breeze with open arms. This simple breeze will purify your system.

If you are not able to travel to a seaside, visualize the same scenario at your home. Just step out and feel the wind and allow it to fill you up with elation, euphoria and cheerfulness. This sincere and deep intention purifies your emotional and mental system, cleansing your aura.

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