Awareness Exercise


Spiritual teachers often refer to equanimous states of pure awareness, but for ordinary people this comes across as some lofty mystical condition that they will never achieve.  What people don’t realize is that this mere belief already eliminates the possibility.  What we believe creates our reality, so the first step is to relax into all possibilities.  We are always taught that we are bound by the laws of physics, but these dimensions are beyond the physical.  In this realm of creation, grace can grant anything.

We don’t realize it, but even for beginners, exploring awareness is not only possible but quite simple.  We can do a simple exercise.  Getting caught up in thoughts is the main challenge.  We just have to find a little distance between the thoughts and the awareness that there are thoughts.  We can read our thoughts; therefore, they are an object.  Awareness cannot be an object; it is the witness.

So, finding a quiet place, let’s sit upright in a comfortable position.  Then, we close our eyes and take several deep cleansing breaths, relaxing more and more deeply into each one.  Now we just observe.  Simply witness.  Thoughts are like clouds in the sky, just watch but don’t get swept away by them.  They arise and disperse.  Remain still and look deeply.

With absolute focus on the sensation of just being aware, begin noting how pure awareness feels.  Do you notice that awareness is..

Silent and still                                  Always there                              Fully present

Undisturbed                                     Welcoming                                    All loving

Expansive                                        All-inclusive                                    Open

Transparent                                    Without resistance                          Pure

Non-judgmental                              All accepting                                   Infinite

Encompassing all                            Absolute                                          Fluid

Unburdened                                    Spontaneous                                   Free

Unfathomable                                Beyond words                              Silent and still…

As you sink in deeper, the bewilderment and awe of discovery dissipate into an absolute silence and stillness that are of another dimension than the silent and still that you started with.  There are no words to describe this wonderful paradox that is awareness, which is at the same time discovering every new arising while also knowing all that has ever been.

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