Activewear clothing to score an A+ on your workout!


Whether it’s getting into shape for swimsuit season, aiming to take your A-game to the big, fat wedding happening next week or just toning and strengthening your body, your workout is only as effective as what you wear.

Polyester during a high energy Yoga workout can leave you chafing for hours afterwards, and Spandex pants can stretch out of shape after a few months of intense kick-boxing. If you spend a little time and energy before you hit the gym (or your Pilates class), once your exercise is done, all you’ve have to deal with is the high of a great workout!

So, here’s a quick at look at all that you should be thinking about when you decide to shop for your work out wardrobe.

What color do you choose? If you think it’s odd that a guide to perfect exercise clothing should start with something as unrelated as color, think again. Light colors keep you cool while darker colors can trap the heat in and help you stay warm. Make this well-known fact work to your advantage so that maintaining your body temperature at the optimum levels for just the right workout becomes possible, every single time.

Start with your underclothes. A good sports bra for women and comfortable but well-fitting underwear for men are, without any question, the best investment you can make. Good underclothes go beyond just the feel-good factor, by making sure that the layers closest to your skin can help you give your workout – and not some itch, scratch or physical discomfort – a 100%.

Spend on your shoes. This one is for all you aspiring marathoners. Your legs are going to carry you that extra mile (literally) so make sure you consult with a good sports/athletic consultant or doctor first. And get your feet measured and spend a little extra on the best shoes your money can buy. This is equally true for other sporty exercises like tennis.

Layer up, or pare down. Look at how your workout is going to go. Is it a run in the park on a cold winter’s morning? Or is it a super challenging power yoga session indoors? Dress before your workout so you don’t spend more time adding clothes or taking off your sweater than on your actual exercise!

Get fabric-wise. Understand the benefits of each kind of clothing and pair them to your body type. If you are the kind to sweat a lot, fabricated materials like spandex and polyesters might trap the heat in close to your skin and lead to rash of problems (yes, including rash!) Natural fibers like cotton, wool (which works exceptionally well for workout wear, since it is highly thermo regulating) are usually safer and more sustainable options. They also wear out well, so will last more, and look better in the long run. Another natural fiber you can consider is Bamboo, which is a little more expensive than cotton, but has the advantages of being soft, cooling, and comfortable in addition to being resilient and durable.

Once you’ve done the initial spadework and made sure your essentials are in place, you will discover that success truly is in the details. Admitted, clothing doesn’t ensure that your workout will be easy, but it paves the way for your body to feel comfortable, and so, to perform at its peak potential. Happy exercising!

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