49 Quotes About Your Fiance


Finding a special somebody with the right compatibility is one of the greatest things you can ever experience. These quotes about your fiancee remind us of the special someone we get to share the rest of our lives with.

“As beautiful as a vibrant rainbow, as lovely as a pretty meadow. It keeps me happy, never ever sorrow – your love sets my life’s tempo.”

“As time goes by we may grow old, but I promise that our love will forever stay young. I love you.”

“Before I met you, I always felt the overpowering need to be loved. After I met you, I have the obsessive need not to be loved, but to love you – a man so handsome and caring.”

“Being in love with you feels like an endless journey in which I am sitting on a cozy window seat, blissfully watching the world go by”

“Distance did not weaken our love for each other. It only made our bond stronger.”

“Each day that we spend together, my love for you just grows.”

“Fate brought us together, but it’s our love and commitment that will keep us together.”

“Fate may have brought us together, but it’s my heart that wants us to stay that way forever.”

“I can just imagine just how sweeter my life would be once you’re my wife. I love you so much, my sweet. Thank you for loving me.”

“I can still remember the first day we met. You were not in the best mood because your car broke down and messed up your day’s schedules.”

“I can’t predict how life will be when the decades fly by, but I promise that even when we get old I will crush on you just like how I have been since our very first date.”

“I don’t care about anything else in the world, as long as you say that I mean the world to you.”

“I don’t mind getting married so late in the game. I just want you to know that you are worth the wait.”

“I don’t need Facebook anymore because I am now on my way to being officially hitched to my life’s biggest LIKE.”

“I fall in love with you more and more, and it just shows no signs of stopping. Thank heavens you’re getting married to me. I love you, forever and always.”

“I have waited for so long for someone like you. Now that you are here, I can’t wait for you to become my wife.”

“I knew my feelings for you were real when I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself.”

“I knew you were the one for me when you saw and fell in love with the real me. Not a lot of people can get close to me like you did.”

“I know God has someone special for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for he has found me, and I have found him. I have loved you all my life.”

“I love it when we cuddle and spend nights at home just as much as I love going on our adventures and crazy excursions. Any time spent with you is time spent well.”

“I thought the day that I asked you to be my wife and you said yes was already the happiest day of my life.”

“I want to be married for eighty years or longer and just live in love and happiness with you.”

“I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.”

“If I know what love is, it is because of you. Never leave me. I would be an empty flame without you and my life would lose meaning.”

“If the time between the first day we met to the day we finally wed is anything to go by, our lives will have happiness, love and romance in oversupply.”

“If you met me ten years ago, you wouldn’t have given me a second glance. I was all the things that you hated in a guy.”

“In just a few days, our lives will be forever changed. I can’t wait for that day to come and share it with our family and friends.”

“It is not hard to imagine the fact that we will have a beautiful future together but it is hard to imagine how hopeless and pathetic my life would have been without you.”

“Many times, I catch myself staring at your incredible beauty and admiring your kindness.”

“My life has changed so much ever since I met you. It has changed in all the good ways.”

“No one can see into the future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. So trust me when I say, tomorrow and well into the future, it will still be you and me together.”

“On the day we got engaged I took on many lifelong debts called Commitment, Honesty, Trust and Love which I am more than happy to keep repaying to you for the rest of my life.”

“Our love is special because it does not pretend to be perfect. It has gone through so many things, but it managed to get stronger and deeper with each challenge.”

“Real relationships are when someone forgives you for what you were, loves you for who you are and supports you for what you want to be.”

“Relationships are not meant to be perfect. They’re meant to help you ride through all of life’s imperfections with someone who really cares about you. You’re that someone for me.”

“Thank you for being with me these past few years. Your presence in my life has given it so much meaning”

“Thank you for making my dreams come true by saying yes to be my wife. You don’t know how happy you have made me.”

“The best part of our love story is that we don’t let the villains and the extras get in the way and take the spotlight.”

“The happiest moment of my life was finding out that you loved me, too. The second happiest was you saying yes to be my wife.”

“The more I get to know you, the more convinced I am that you are the only woman for me.”

“The next few days are going to be one of the most amazing days of our lives, not to mention expensive!”

“The truth is I love you more than you love me.”

“The very first time I looked at you and you looked at me, my heart knew… that we were meant to be.”

“There is still time for the day when we will become husband and wife, but my heart and soul have already committed to being yours for the rest of my life.”

“There’s no putting into words how much love I have for you. I love my life now because I know I have you to share it with. I love you today and always.”

“They say this kind of love is once in a lifetime, and I know you are the one for me. I offer you all of me today and for always. Thank you for showing me how it feels to be loved.”

“When I met you, I knew that I have found the love of my life. Thank you for coming into my life right when you did.”

“You aren’t just my love, you aren’t just my fiancé, you are the man because of whom I look forward to waking up every day.”

“You came in my life like a hurricane and stayed back in the form of the calm and surreal stability that’s there after a storm.”

One of the greatest keys to success in our life is the ability to experience and share our life with somebody special.

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