47 Quotes About Fancying Someone


Knowing what makes you special in life will help you to define your best traits and characteristics. Here are some amazing quotes about fancying someone that are encouraging.

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.”

“As soon I saw you, I knew adventure was going to happen.”

“Do you know what it’s like to like someone so much you can’t stand it and know that they’ll never feel the same way.”

“Don’t you know? I love you more than you know, I like you more than you feel.”

“Everytime you speak about how much you like someone else, it kills me inside.”

“From the moment we started talking I knew that I wanted you around.”

“I always smile like an idiot when I talk to you.”

“I happen to adore you.”

“I hope you want to stay for long time, because my heart really likes you.”

“I like it when you show that you care. That’s all I ever need from you.”

“I like someone I can have fun with and who can be more laid-back than I am, because it calms me down.”

“I like the way he danced. And then I like the way we danced together.”
“I like when you smile, but I love it when I am the reason.”

“I like you because I can never stay mad at you, I can’t stand not talking to you and I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“I like you because you’re you.”

“I love it when I catch you looking at me.”

“I want to tell him how I feel, but I don’t want to ruin the way things are now.”

“I want to tell you how much I like you and wish you could feel the same.”

“If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.”

“If love is liking someone an awful lot, then I suppose I’m in love with several people.”

“If you don’t expect to like someone and then you do, that’s an incredibly exciting moment.”

“If you like someone, tell them because they will never wait forever.”

“I’m all for being in love and whenever I like someone, I end up pretty much completely smitten.”

“It’s a lot easier to like people when they can’t make life miserable for you anymore.”

“Just because you discover that you may like somebody after all, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any attraction.”

“Like you more and more everyday.”

“Liking someone comes natural, but loving someone it’s a choice.”

“Liking someone doesn’t mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends.”

“Love’s easy. It kind of comes with the territory. But liking is another story.”

“Maybe you don’t need the whole world to love you, you know. Maybe you just need one person.”

“None of us understand what we’re doing, but we do beautiful things anyway.”

“People may not always tell you how they feel about you, But they will always show you. Pay attention.”

“Sometimes you never realize how much you like someone, until you watch them liking someone else.”

“Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.”

“Telling someone “I like you” doesn’t come with a lot of risks. It feels as good to say as it does to hear.”

“The word doesn’t feel right until you are next to me.”

“There is no one like you, you’re special.”

“To look into that persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.”

“Wanna hear something funny? What? I think I started liking you.”

“What I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a cloudless heaven.”

“When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.”

“Why is it so embarrassing to admit you like someone? It should be a compliment to them, and even if they don’t like you back, they should at least commend you on your refined taste.”

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.”

“Would give anything for you to like me as much as I like you.”

“You flew off with the wings of my heart and left me flightless.”

“You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes the cry.”

“You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.”

Approaching someone you fancy can be difficult. If anything, these socially awkward situations can be discouraging and fearful to face.

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