45 Quotes About Being Unloved


Being rejected can leave you feeling unwanted and unloved. These quotes about being unloved will help you to learn how to deal with your feelings in a constructive way.

“A speeding bullet from a speeding car could not penetrate his heart.v

“Be the love you never received.”

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”

“Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start.”

“I am a museum full of art but you had your eyes shut.”

“I am jealous of anyone who can make other people care so much.”

“I know what it is to feel unloved, to want revenge, to make mistakes, to suffer disappointment, yet also to find the courage to go forward in life.”

“I love and care for everyone because I know the pain of being unloved and uncared.”

“I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give. I am very happy to do that, I want to do that.”

“If it comes down to a choice between being unloved and being vulnerable and sensitive and emotional, then you can just keep your love.”

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“If you would be unloved and forgotten, be reasonable.”

“It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us.”

“It is never acceptable for us to be the cause of any child to feel unloved or worthless.”

“It stands to reason that unloved and unwanted children are going to get into crime.”

“I’ve never been the most important person to anybody – not even myself.”

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”

“Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”

“My childhood was rough, we were poor and my parents were alcoholics, but nobody was mean. I knew I was loved. We were on welfare, but I never felt abandoned or unloved.”

“Nothing else wounds so deeply and irreparably. Nothing else robs us of hope so much as being unloved by one we love.”

“Only the unloved hate; the unloved and the unnatural.”

“Our world is utterly saturated with fear. We fear being attacked by religious extremists, both foreign and domestic.”

“Remember you were born of love, you are love, it exists inside you, that’s where it begins. When you know this you will have a happier life.”

“Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children. Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children – but we pay heavily for them every day.”

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

“Someday someone won’t be afraid of how much you love. They won’t stay on the shores; they’ll meet you in the depths.”

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

“Surely there is no more wretched sight that the human body unloved and uncared for.”

“That it’s no good loving me because I’m never going to get married anyway and he’d just end up hating me later instead of sooner.”

“The areas in which we felt most insecure, unsafe, unloved, uncomfortable, embarrassed, angry, and generally unresolved as a child are the areas that we will be most prone to self-deception as an adult.”

“The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.”

“The fact is, the man who’d begotten me didn’t want me. In his eyes I should never have been born. And perhaps that would’ve been best.”

“The inner speech, your thoughts, can cause you to be rich or poor, loved or unloved, happy or unhappy, attractive or unattractive, powerful or weak.”

“The number of poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”

“The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty—it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.”

“The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.”

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

“There is much suffering in the world – physical, material, mental. The suffering of some can be blamed on the greed of others.”

“There will never be beings unloved by God, since God is absolute love.”

“There’s a world out there that nobody has bothered to promise her.”

“To be a bear and love a she-bear, that would not be such a bad life, and would, at least, be a far better one than to keep his reason and his thoughts, with all the rest that made him human, and yet live on alone, unloved, in sadness.”

“To be lonely is to feel unwanted and unloved, and therefor unloveable. Loneliness is a taste of death. No wonder some people who are desperately lonely lose themselves in mental illness or violence to forget the inner pain.”

“We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love.”

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

There are many solutions you can do to help reconnect yourself to love another and start to be loved again.

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