43 Quotes About Being Unreliable


From contradictions to omissions in actual accounts, being unreliable can leave the other person feeling confused and left out. Here is a look at some great quotes about being unreliable that will encourage you to get a better grip on where you are heading.

“A steadfast heart does not stray from the path.”

“A vision is best presented as a story that people can relate to.”

“Ethics is the key which opens big doors to business success. However once it gets lost, the same access is locked for ever. The newly acquired access gets eclipsed with lost reliability.”

“First impressions are always unreliable.”

“For like a rugged tree you are hard and sound at the core”

“Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing.”

“Give anyone a lever long enough and they can change the world. It’s unreliable levers that are the problem.”

“Home is not a place. Home is security, predictability, reliability, dependability, safety, permanence combined together.”

“How unreliable is the woman caught being faithful! Today she is faithful to you, tomorrow to another.”

“However, for story reasons, we needed to represent them in certain ways. One of the things that sort of blew me away that I didn’t know when we started is that memories are completely susceptible to change.”

“I have found in my experience that expediency, whether it is practical or not, is an unreliable guide for behavior. Human behavior must be guided by a higher principle.”

“I just respect audiences to understand that that’s what goes on in movies. I just try to make movies that respect the intelligence of the audience. Respect that they understand that the narrator is always unreliable and respect that they understand that the medium can do whatever it wants.”

“I once terminated a partnership with a chap who proved–unreliable. As a matter of fact, I terminated him.”

“I shed a tear when I meet somebody who always quits. Reliable people are so rare in this world.”

“If one discards the Bible as being unreliable, then he must discard almost all literature of antiquity.”

“If we choose an external marker as the measure of our inner worth, whether it is the amount of money we make, or others’ opinion of us, or the success of some project we’re involved in, sooner or later we’re bound to be battered by life’s inevitable changes.”

“I’m a very loyal and unreliable friend.”

“In my qualified opinion as a Biblical scholar, there is ‘massive’ and overwhelming historical evidence that the New Testament manuscripts are in fact reliable.”

“It has always been my contention that an individual who can be relied upon to be himself and to be honest unto himself can be relied upon in every other way.”

“Memory plays tricks. Memory is another word for story, and nothing is more unreliable.”

“Most people wait for the muse to turn up. That’s terribly unreliable. I have to sit down and pursue the muse by attempting to work.”

“No organization can depend on genius; the supply is always scarce and unreliable.”

“Nothing is more unreliable than the populace, nothing more obscure than human intentions, nothing more deceptive than the whole electoral system.”

“People relate giving to reciprocity. They expect things to be expressed in a way they can understand, which is usually their own.”

“Raising awareness versus raising alarm; the public can’t be better informed if the information isn’t better.”

“Rehearsals and screening rooms are often unreliable because they can’t provide the chemistry between an audience and what appears on the stage or screen.”

“Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.”

“The body is not a reliable friend.”

“The most successful people I know are also the most reliable.”

“The only situation a commander can know fully is his own: his opponent’s he can know only from unreliable intelligence.”

“The worry that unreflective belief acquisition may be unreliable, after all, applies equally to reflective belief acquisition: it too may be unreliable.”

“To design an easy-to-use interface, pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Self-reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculations about future behavior.”

“Trustful people are the pure at heart, as they are moved by the zeal of their own trustworthiness.”

“Truths that become old become decrepit and unreliable; sometimes they may be kept going artificially for a certain time, but there is no life in them.”

“Underneath the shifting appearances of the world as perceived by our unreliable senses, is there, or is there not, a bedrock of objective reality?”

“Whatever has been achieved through pressure and violence is unstable, unreliable and incorrect.”

“When everyone believes they are the life coaches, who are the players?”

“When friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest things we can know.”

“When we are relaxed and reasonable content, we are naturally wise. We accept that life is unpredictable, unreliable.”

“With a philosophy education, one can infuriate his peers, intimidate his date, think of obscure, unreliable ways to make money, and never regret a thing.”

“With all my ideas and follies I could one day found a corporate company for the propagation of beautiful but unreliable imaginings.”

“You can’t give real responsibilities to the shady shoulders. The weak may learn, but a shady person will always fall flat on face.”

“You need not wonder whether you should have an unreliable person as a friend. An unreliable person is nobody’s friend.”

Learning to deal with unreliable people will teach you to manage expectations and be more patient in life.

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