43 Quotes About Timing and Relationships


Creating the right foundation for a successful relationship takes time and effort. These quotes about timing and relationships serve as just some examples to the type of thresholds you must pass to get yourself on the right foot.

“All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.”

“Basic philosophy, spirit and drive of an organization have far more to do with its relative achievements than do technological or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation and timing.”

“But my longevity is due to my good timing.”

“Coming into the music industry, even when I was a kid, one thing I learned is timing is everything. You being prepared is everything.”

“Confidence has a lot to do with interviewing – that, and timing.”

“Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about.”

“For myself, personally, I am never really aware of timing or anything because I am passionate about what I do, so I have found that if you really love what you do, then time flies.”

“Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.”

“I have to say obviously it is not illegal for people to go to dinner and to socialise and take hospitality off members of the media organisations, but it was the scale and the timing and the frequency of contact that I thought was shocking.”

“I honestly think being single’s great. Being in a relationship’s great. It’s all about the timing.”

“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything. ”

“I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”

“I try to tell a story the way someone would tell you a story in a bar, with the same kind of timing and pacing.”

“If the timing’s right and the Gods are with you, something special happens.”

“I’m such a profound believer that timing is everything; I would tattoo that on my arm.”

“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.”

“I’ve learned over the years to appreciate God’s timing, and you can’t rush things; it’s gonna happen exactly when it’s supposed to.”

“Love is such a powerful subject matter because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. It’s about timing, fate, failure, redemption.”

“Most of what makes a book ‘good’ is that we are reading it at the right moment for us.”

“No matter what your laundry list of requirements in choosing a mate, there has to be an element of good luck and good fortune and good timing.”

“Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor.”

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”

“People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that.”

“Someone asked me what are the secrets to my success, and I said ‘There are three: Timing, timing, timing.'”

“Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over. ”

“The essence of football was blocking, tackling, and execution based on timing, rhythm and deception.”

“The essential ingredient of politics is timing.”

“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.”

“The timing of death, like the ending of a story, gives a changed meaning to what preceded it.”

“There will always be excuses, arguments, and questions of timing when moving on difficult and controversial issues.”

“They say time heals and makes us forget, but what two people shared can never be erased.”

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds, only distance can lessen the sting of them.”

“Time is found in the calibration of the individual to the timing of a collective endeavour, the social grace that less clock-bound societies must practise.”

“Timing and arrogance are decisive factors in the successful use of talent.”

“Timing has always been a key element in my life. I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.”

“Timing is everything.”

“When you look back, I think things are as they are meant to be. Timing is very important.”

“With writing, timing is everything. Being in the right place at the right time.”

“Withhold a smile only when the smile can hurt someone. Otherwise, let it bloom forth in a riot.”

“You don’t fall in love with someone because it’s convenient.”

“You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.”

“You win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect.”

How you interact and communicate with others in your relationship is an integral part of making it a success.

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