43 Quotes About Being Sorry


An apology can go a long way in making something right. These quotes about being sorry will remind you to swallow your pride and work towards an amicable resolution.

“And I felt sorry, and I have felt bad about what happened.”

“Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.”

“Being sorry for myself is a luxury I can’t afford.”

“Being sorry is the highest act of selfishness, seeing value only after discarding it.”

“Every one goes astray, but the least imprudent are they who repent the soonest.”

“He who is sorry for having sinned is almost innocent.”

“I am immensely contrite. And I’m sorry for the damage I’ve done.”

“I am sorry for what has happened and I know that I need some help.”

“I believe that when you’re wrong, own it and apologize, and so I do and put it on the equivalent of my front page.”

“I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it.”

“I don’t mind dying if I have to, but I’m damned if I want to pay for the guarantee. I’m sorry.”

“I have learned that sometimes “sorry” is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.”

“I took it all for granted, I’m sorry to say.”

“I want to say to each of you, simply, and directly, I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in.”

“I was very sorry when I found out that your intentions were good and not what I supposed they were.”

“If you would be good, first believe that you are bad.”

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.”

“It is never too late with us, so long as we are still aware of our faults and bear them impatiently, of long as noble propensities, greedy of conquest, stir within us.”

“It’s very hard for me to say I’m sorry… but I do.”

“Late repentance is seldom true, but true repentance is never too late.”

“Let us be quick to repent of injuries while repentance may not be a barren anguish.”

“More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies when sincerely made.”

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so you apologize for truth.”

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”

“People hardly ever do anything in anger, of which they do not repent.”

“Repentance must be something more than mere remorse for sins: it comprehends a change of nature befitting heaven.”

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.”

“Sincere apologies are for those that make them, not for those to whom they are made. Sincere apologies are for those that make them, not for those to whom they are made.”

“So many things that we never will undo I know you’re sorry, I’m sorry too.”

“The ability of a person to atone has always been the most remarkable of human features.”

“The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology.”

“The strongest proof of repentance is the endeavor to atone.”

“To err is human; but contrition felt for the crime distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked.”

“To grieve over sin is one thing, to repent is another.”

“To truly repent of a big thing, you have to go into it with your heart open and force yourself to deal with it at that level and to apologize to God.”

“True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive.”

“True repentance also involves reform.”

“True repentance has a double aspect; it looks upon things past with a weeping eye, and upon the future with a watchful eye.”

“We look to our last sickness for repentance, unmindful that it is during a recovery men repent, not during a sickness.”

“What is past is past, there is a future left to all men, who have the virtue to repent and the energy to atone.”

“When a man has been guilty of any vice or folly, I think the best atonement he can make for it is to warn others not to fall into the like.”

“When you realize you’ve made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm.”

“You can always say sorry, But the real apology is when you hear the sadness in their voice and see the look in their eyes. And you realize that they have hurt themselves just as much.”

It can be difficult for some to apologize when they are in the wrong. There are many other ways you can go about seeking closure.

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