43 Quotes About Being Faithful In a Relationship


Remaining faithful in a relationship for some can be difficult to do. Are you becoming confronted with lust or love? These quotes about being faithful in a relationship capture the spirit and hard work that is involved in having a successful relationship.

“A man with no loyalty will leave you once the road darkens.”

“A person who is afraid to risk his heart is the true coward of this world. He is frightened of placing his loyalty in somebody else’s hands when it is the only way for him to find who’s that special one he can trust to protect it forevermore.”

“Be always loyal to your country as you are a part of it as soon as you drew breath of its soils.”

“Be careful with shattering people’s trust to pieces. The scars never fade. To earn back the loyalty will take a lifetime or never at all.”

“Everything in excess is bad, even loyalty. Too much of it lead you to your grave.”

“Failing to fulfil your commitment to others loses the commitment you have to yourself.”

“Faithfulness and sincerity should be taught as first principles at home.”

“Faithfulness cannot be bought. Loyalty is purest in its form. It stems from the human heart alone, a product of love. Devotion, however beautiful it may be, is prone to betrayal.”

“Friends do come and go while enemies pile up like walls.”

“Friendship is born from love. It is a flame that shines brightest during the good times and keeps you safe and warm during the darkest of times. It is a loyalty that nothing in this world could ever rift apart.”

“Friendship is faithfulness to one another not even death can divide nor violate.”

“Friendship, faithfulness and honour is what keep this world a better place.”

“Giving up on someone is not on my dictionary, especially when they need me not to hold on.”

“How can you trust someone when you can’t even trust yourself?”

“I am loyal to those who will, not even for a slight second, ever doubt my loyalty.”

“I belong to you, my love finds shelter in you, and a part of you is also a part of me too.”

“I’m very faithful with all my relationships. I don’t go looking for other sisters or another mom when I know I have my own.”

“It is your duty to protect the trust placed on your hands. It is a wonderful gift, earned.”

“Leadership has two sides: With loyalty or without it.”

“Loyal companions are the hope against the advancing darkness, the antidote against the poisons of despair, and the saving grace against insanity.”

“Loyalty does not have a price tag. It is something you earn and work hard for.”

“Loyalty is although, fragile, it is the noblest of virtues.”

“Loyalty is not an easy virtue to live by as loyalty requires loyalty to it.”

“Loyalty will definitely outweigh cleverness. While wit can save you from perilous situations, only faithfulness will stay when all hope comes to the edge of fading.”

“Loyalty, the whole aim of it, is to stick by those who will stay with you no matter what.”

“Marriage, aside from taking a lot of work, challenges the capacity of two people to keep love and fidelity intact in the midst of chaos and rainbows, storm and sunshine, to come.”

“Marriage, no matter how hard that journey is, binds you with one person, a friend and lover rolled in one, who will embark with you in every chapter of your life.”

“No relationship is without patience, love, persistence and most of all, loyalty.”

“Nothing beats old and loyal friends. They are a reminder of your life’s best moments and greatest adventures.”

“Stupidity is staying with someone who will never ever appreciate you.”

“The ingredients for a steadfast friendship are a cup of love, a tablespoon of honesty and a huge pack of loyalty.”

“The sad reality of the modern world is the extinction of loyalty. Corporations rarely have an employee who stayed for more than 5 years. Business ties are fragile and severed so easily. Even within the family, faithfulness appears to be fleeting.”

“The value of a person is never even an inch close to that of an object. A person will never rust or fade when drenched in the rain, while an object will rot away as soon as it meets a single drop.”

“There are no other colours to loyalty, only black and white. It’s either you are faithful or not at all.”

“There is no meaning behind loyalty without self-sacrifice.”

“Thriving businesses are draws strength from the loyalty of their patrons.”

“To be loyal to someone who is shrouded behind a cloak of mystery is impossible.”

“To play in a band composed of your most loyal friends is creating music of friendship and faithfulness.”

“True friendship is a place where you can tell anything and no one will judge you for it.”

“True loyalty means being true to your partner, no matter how hard things can get. Even if it hurts, you have to tell him when he is wrong and urge him to keep going when he Is right.”

“Without a doubt, I will entrust my faithfulness to those who truly deserve it.”

“Without loyalty, there will be no friendship and there will be no love or family. Without devotion, there will be no community, society nor country. Loyalty is essential to all basic principles in life.”

“Words spoken through loyalty, no matter how much the bitterness of it stings me, is the true essence of friendship and family.”

Finding a way to seek forgiveness and forgive others in moments of indiscretion will help you to find a path to healing.

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