41 Quotes About Your Man Cheating


Having a husband that has committed adultry can leave you feeling in an emotionally broken state. These quotes about your man cheating highlights the damage and broken trust you have been confronted with in your relationship.

“A guy who’d cheat on his wife would cheat at cards.”

“All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.”

“Basically it’s the core story. About a guy having an affair with the mother of the girl he falls in love with.”

“Betrayal was what I felt, my heart broken not just by a guy I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend.”

“Cheaters must get some credit before they can cozen, and all falsehood, if not founded in some truth, would not be fixed in any belief.”

“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up.”

“Cheats prosper until there are enough who bear grudges against them to make sure they do not prosper.”

“Divorced men are more likely to meet their car payments than their child support obligations.”

“Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.”

“Having two women one who can’t know about the other, and one who must be trusted not to destroy his life is clearly difficult for him.”

“He that will cheat at play, will cheat you any way.”

“He who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God.”

“He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

“I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you.”

“I gave my heart to a man who loved me, who wanted to be with me. Who ultimately was afraid of all I offered.”

“If he will cheat on her that means he will cheat on you.”

“If you are stupid enough to cheat, then definitely dumb enough to get caught.”

“If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you’ll be married to a man who cheats on his wife.”

“In your mind you are cheating somebody, but in reality you are cheating yourself.”

“It might sound ordinary for a woman to find out her husband’s cheating on her, but not if you’re the woman and it’s your husband.”

“It’s better to be unfaithful than faithful without wanting to be.”

“Men are more prone to cheating, definitely.”

“Men are not intelligent when it comes to cheating, but they’re wise enough to choose a woman who will put up with it.”

“Men cannot survive without cheating, it is in their nature.”

“My affections are easily swayed and I can be very unfaithful.”

“Never be unfaithful to a lover, except with your wife.”

“Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do.”

“No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful.”

“No woman could love a cheater and not pay the price for it.”

“Once a cheater, always a cheater. If they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you.”

“Once a cheater, always a repeater.”

“People cheat when they are afraid. When there is no cost to being wrong or confessing ignorance, there is no reason to cheat or fake comprehension.”

“Seriously, if the bastards cheat on you, then they don’t deserve you anyway. If that’s a legit fear, then you probably shouldn’t be with them to begin with.”

“So long there are women around, a cheater will cheat against his promise.”

“Some guys will cheat on their girlfriends and sleep like a baby at night but feel guilty when they go to another barber.”

“Sometimes there a hundred lies behind a smile and not a single truth behind a tear.”

“The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat, too.”

“The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.”

“Those who cheat on their partners who are loyal to them; don’t deserve them. It is a trashy attitude to disrespect a person who is loyal in a relationship, by cheating on him or her.”

“When a man cheats, it is said it is because he is a dog. When a woman cheats, it is said it is because her man is a dog.”

“You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future.”

No matter who the cheater is in the relationship, an act of adultry can destroy individuals lives and families beyond repair.

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