39 Quotes About Being Spiteful


Not finding a way to be spiteful towards another due to their actions will help you more than it will help them. These quotes about being spiteful capture the disruption and chaos that it normally results in.

“A sign of power in a man is not only when people follow what he suggests, but also when people make a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of what he suggests.”

“An encouraged person will eventually get his drive from encouragement; he becomes more dependent. A person that never really receives encouragement learns to move out of spite; he becomes more independent.”

“Destructive thoughts and emotions undermine the very causes of peace and happiness. If you think clearly about it, it makes no sense to think you’re seeking happiness, if you do nothing to restrain angry, spiteful, and malicious thoughts and emotions.”

“For no one, in our long decline, So dusty, spiteful and divided, Had quite such pleasant friends as mine, Or loved them half as much as I did.”

“Formality is sufficiently revenged upon the world for being so unreasonably laughed at; it is destroyed, it is true, but it hath the spiteful satisfaction of seeing everything destroyed with it.”

“From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there’s nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.”

“He decided in favor of life out of sheer spite and malice.”

“He’s not only a good player, but he’s spiteful in the nicest sense of the word.”

“Horses aren’t lazy and they’re not greedy and they’re not jealous and they’re not spiteful, they’re not hateful. They’re not that way. But the human can sometimes only describe a horse in the way that they view other human beings.”

“I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man. An unattractive man. I think that my liver hurts.”

“I am not making spiteful assertions now but merely stating the facts-that, for instance, among Hungarian generals there is such a considerable percentage of men of German origin, who of course had, in most cases, to alter their names if they wanted to get anywhere.”

“I felt as if I had no control over what I said, as if loathsome, ugly words were waiting inside me like snakes and toads looking for a chance to sneak out before I could stop them.”

“I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze.”

“If conversion to Christianity makes no improvement in a man’s outward actions – if he continues to be just a snobbish or spiteful or envious or ambitious as he was before – then I think
we must suspect that his ‘conversion’ was largely imaginary.”

“I’m not a spiteful man, never been. I always forgive. The final decision isn’t mine, but God’s. God knows what He does.”

“I’m not sure it pays to do anything remotely public in Britain. It’s such a spiteful society. People seem to enjoy making your life hard for the sake of it.”

“It would be spiteful to put a Jellyfish in a trifle.”

“It’s in the homes of spiteful old widows that one finds such cleanliness.”

“My talent was the uncompromising ability to feel spite.”

“Never rebel for the sake of rebelling, but always rebel for the sake of truth.”

“Never underestimate spite as a motivator for genius.”

“No blade can puncture the human heart like the well-chosen words of a spiteful son.”

“Nobody really wants us. So let us watch and say jaggy things, in the hope that some of them will hurt.”

“Open your heart. Don’t be spiteful.”

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

“The British press have written some nasty and spiteful things about the way I look which used to affect me quite badly when it was new to me but luckily, I’ve learned to ignore the comments. why do they even care about how I look?”

“The kind of solace that arises from having company in misery is spiteful.”

“The psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown great courage, in the face of spiteful vested interests, in demonstrating how easy it is for people to concoct memories that are entirely false but which seem, to the victim, every bit as real as true memories.”

“There is not a more mean, stupid, dastardly, pitiless, selfish, spiteful, envious, ungrateful animal than the Public. It is the greatest of cowards, for it is afraid of itself.”

“They will hate you if you are beautiful. They will hate you if you are successful. They will hate you if you are right. They will hate you if you are popular.”

“To harbor spiteful feelings against ordinary people for not being heroes is possible only for narrow-minded or embittered man.”

“Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful.”

“We don’t live in the old world. But I don’t want everyone to know what I’ve done. We all know every kind of example we could throw out there.”

“We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence.”

“Whatever spiteful fools may say, Each jealous ranting yelper, No woman ever went astray, Without a man to help her”

“Wretched are those who are vindictive and spiteful.”

When you suffer from a lapse of judgment finding a way to make amends will help you to take the first step towards healing.

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