37 Quotes About Longing


For many, there are deep longings that are carried in our life. From a desire to experience more to obtain the deep love of another, these quotes about longing capture the many things we wish for.

“Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in the hope that you will.”

“Desire makes everything blossom; possession makes everything wither and fade.”

“Desires are central to the soul’s unfolding and should not be dismissed before giving them careful attention.”

“Every person has a longing to be significant; to make a contribution; to be a part of something noble and purposeful.”

“Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creations.”

“He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.”

“I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.”

“I want morning and noon and nightfall with you. I want your tears, your smiles, your kisses…the smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face.”

“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. We call that life.”

“If you don’t receive love from the ones who are meant to love you, you will never stop looking for it.”

“Is there anything better than to be longing for something, when you know it is within reach?”

“It is the future that creates his present. All is an interminable chain of longing.”

“Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living.”

“Longing and desire goes further than instant satisfaction. That’s human nature.”

“Longing is a compass that guides us through life. We may never get what we really want, that’s true, but every step along the way will be determined by it.”

“Longing is like a seed that wrestles in the ground.”

“Longing is like the rosy dawn. After the dawn out comes the sun. Longing is followed by the vision of God.”

“Longing is not always a reciprocal thing.”

“Longing on a large scale makes history.”

“Longing, the hope for fulfillment, is the one unwavering passion of the world’s commerce.”

“One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen.”

“Only longing can fill with more of itself.”

“Our longing is our pledge, and blessed are the homesick, for they shall come home.”

“Passing into higher forms of desire, that which slumbered in the plant, and fitfully stirred in the beast, awakes in the man.”

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel I’m gazing at a distant star. It’s dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago.”

“The absolute yearning of one human body for another particular body and its indifference to substitutes is one of life’s major mysteries.”

“The act of longing for something will always be more intense than the requiting of it.”

“The longing for light is the longing for consciousness.”

“The longing for peace is rooted in the hearts of all men. But the striving, which at present has become so insistent, cannot lay claim to such an ambition as leading the way to eternal peace, or solving all disputes among nations.”

“The longing to produce great inspirations didn’t produce anything but more longing.”

“The longing we have to communicate cleanly and directly with people is always obstructed by qualifications and often with concern about how our messages will be received.”

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.”

“The yearning for an afterlife is the opposite of selfish: it is love and praise for the world that we are privileged, in this complex interval of light, to witness and experience.”

“There is a space between man’s imagination and man’s attainment that may only be traversed by his longing.”

“They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don’t think it’s possible for you to miss me as much as I’m missing you right now.”

“We are all wondering the earth, alone, longing to be longed for.”

“We are homesick most for the places we have never known.”

Longing for a goal to achieve is just one way to meet eventual mastery of it.

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