33 Quotes About Trusting Someone You Love


Cultivating the type of trust you need in a relationship will ensure you create the type of bond and connection you need to be successful. These quotes about trusting someone you love will encourage you to take a leap of faith.

“A spoken word of feeling is a moment of trust to those hearing.”

“Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.”

“Don’t trust too much. Don’t love too much. Don’t hope too much. Because that too much can hurt you so much.”

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”

“I am not upset because of what you did to me, I m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

“I don’t trust anyone who talks bad about someone else to me, they probably talk behind my back too.”

“I trusted you, but now your words mean nothing because your actions spoke the truth.”

“If you don’t know how to trust, then you are not ready to love.”

“If you trust someone, trust till the end whatever the results might be, at the end, either you will have a very good friend or a very good lesson.”

“In a relation, trust is more important than love. Trust will enhance your love.”

“In family relationships the most important things are trust and loyalty.”

“It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.”

“It’s hard to trust another person after you’ve been betrayed by the ‘one’ you trusted the most…”

“Never trust anyone second time because one who can make mistake one time can also repeat it.”

“Never trust anyone until they have proven to you that they can be trusted.”

“No person in life is trusted without reason.”

“There’s loyalty that protects secrets and loyalty that protects truth. You cannot serve them both.”

“Trust is a key in any relation and do not need to convince anyone to prove it. If there is need to prove it then believe me there was nothing in your relation.”

“Trust is like a boomerang, once you throw it to someone, it will sooner or later return to you.”

“Trust is like a broken mirror; you piece together all the pieces, but you’ll always see the cracks in your reflection…”

“Trust is like a mirror easily fixed back you can still see the cracks.”

“Trust is like a sticker, once removed, it does not sticky anymore as it did before.”

“Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller with every mistake.”

“Trust is the key to the relationship, if you can’t trust then why be together.”

“Trust no- one. Even your shadow leaves you in darkness!”

“Trust with your heart not your with your head.”

“Trust? Years to earn, seconds to break.”

“When I give you my time, I’m giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. Please don’t make me regret it.”

“When someone breaks your trust. Don’t feel stupid for trusting them. You didn’t do anything wrong, they’re just an untrustworthy person.”

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

“Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong. With trust, words become life itself.”

“You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself.”

“You may not always trust the people you love, but you can always love the people you trust.”

Creating a culture of trust takes steps one day at a time.

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