33 Quotes About Savoring the Moment


Staying in the moment is proven to make you happier. These quotes about savoring the moment will help to inspire you to make the most out of your experience.

“And that afternoon, as the sun slanted low through the changing autumn leaves, I remembered to savor the moment, soak in the beauty, breathe deeply and feel the immensity of God.”

“Be it tart or sweet, always savor the moment. You’ll not taste one just like it again.”

“Because of the fact that we’ve been through so much, we’re going to appreciate every step of being parents. I think we’re going to savor it and cherish it and we’re going to be the best parents we can be.”

“By taking good care of your posture now, you will enjoy and savor lifelong health benefits and beauty.”

“Celebrate the journey. It’s not all about the destination. Savor all of your successes, even the small ones.”

“Enjoy the ride because sometimes that’s all you have. Sometimes, on the other side there’s nothing but a trash can a whole bunch of people there to watch you throw up in it.”

“For all the tribulations in our lives, for all the troubles that remain in the world, the decline of violence is an accomplishment that we can savor – and an impetus to cherish the forces of civilization and enlightenment that made it possible.”

“I do think digital media encourages speed-reading, which can be fine if one is simply seeking information. But a serious novel or work of history or volume of poetry is an experience one should savor, take time over.”

“I don’t spend time wondering what might be next; I just focus on trying to savor every day.”

“I had all of one nanosecond to savor the news before we had to move on to other problems.”

“I read a little bit of nonfiction and a lot of poetry. I think of poetry as my shot of whiskey when I don’t have time to savor a whole bottle of wine.”

“I savor life. When you have anything that threatens life… it prods you into stepping back and really appreciating the value of life and taking from it what you can.”

“I think we are wise, we English speakers, to savor accents. They teach us things about our own tongue.”

“It was the kind of day that glittered and beckoned like a foretaste of heaven. The snow no longer fell, but lay thick and silver-white on the ground.”

“I’ve always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we’ll have.”

“Maybe life is all about twirling under one of those midnight skies, cutting a swathe through the breeze and gently closing your eyes.”

“Most of us were probably less than immaculately honest as teenagers; it’s practically encoded into adolescence that you savor your secrets, dress in disguise, carve out some space for experiments and accidents and all the combustible lab work of becoming who you are.”

“No pleasure has any savor for me without communication.”

“Poetry is not made to be sucked up like a child’s milkshake, it is much better sipped like a precious malt whisky.”

“Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life.”

“Sad to think that we won’t have any new stories from John Updike, one of the last century’s masters. But so many here in the two volumes of his collected stories, 186 by my count, stories to read, reread, savor over the course of a cold season. ”

“Savor the moments in life that make your heart glow. Chase after and find the moments that will take your breath away. In the end, it is only those milestones on life’s journey that matter.”

“Starting over begins when I develop a reawakened appreciation for what I already have, a renewed recognition of what I’ve recklessly forsaken, a rehabilitated understanding that I foolishly do both of those things.”

“Sweetness cloys. Tart fruit and tart women give life its savor.”

“The bonds we create in the household are the most important and lasting. Savor them; they’re sacred.”

“The greatest prayers that I could ever utter come from the heart. And when I pray that way, I rarely need to open my mouth. Therefore, maybe I should think about talking less.”

“The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.”

“The Universe has your back. Instead of trying to control the outcome, just enjoy the journey.”

“There are two kinds of women in the world: those who savor, and those who don’t. The ones who savor know how to enjoy a good time when it happens.”

“There’s an ancient tension between wanting to savor the world as it is and wanting to improve on the world as given.”

“To take wine into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history.”

“Turn the preparing of food into a communal affair by enlisting others to help with the chopping, grating, stirring, simmering, tasting and seasoning. When the cooking is finished, eat together round the table with the electronic gadgets switched off so you can savor the food and let the conversation flow.”

“We should learn to savor some moments to let time feel worth existing.”

There are many times in life when savoring the moment will help to enrich your experience.

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