33 Quotes About Being Insensitive to Others


Sensitivity is a good strength to have. For some, it may even be a superpower. The world could even become a better place if we saw grander displays of sensitivity towards one another. These quotes about being insensitive to others can show the devastating effects and ways tragedy can strike when we stop caring for our fellow man.

“A truly peaceful mind is very sensitive, very aware.”

“As individuals die every moment, how insensitive and fabricated a love it is to set aside a day from selfish routine in prideful, patriotic commemoration of tragedy.”

“At some point we must make a decision not to allow the mere threat of charges of cultural or religious insensitivity to stop us from dealing with this evil.”

“Do not confuse peace of mind with spaced-out insensitivity. A truly peaceful mind is very sensitive, very aware.”

“Do people on food stamps actually need more movies to watch? Well, I’m probably treading dangerously close to the line of insensitivity, right?”

“Even more staggeringly, depression is a disease so bad that people are killing themselves because of it in a way they do not kill themselves with any other illness.”

“Holding this book in your hand, sinking back in your soft armchair, you will say to yourself: perhaps it will amuse me. And after you have read this story of great misfortunes, you will no doubt dine well, blaming the author for your own insensitivity.”

“I apologize for the insensitivity of my remarks with respect to the mayor or his family, however I think it is important to note that this decision involves potential risk to innocent people.”

“I hate optimism out of insensitivity.”

“I hate the very human inclination towards insensitivity.”

“I have been writing in spurts, bit by bit. It is incredibly difficult. Everything is corroded, broken, dismantled; everything is covered with hardened layers of accumulated insensitivity, deafness, entrenched routine. It is disgusting.”

“Insensitivity makes arrogance ugly; empathy is what makes humility beautiful.”

“It’s one of the ironies of human nature that the most sensitive people are generally insensitive to the feelings of others.”

“Just as the performance of the vilest and most wicked deeds requires spirit and talent, so even the greatest demand a certain insensitivity which under other circumstances we would call stupidity”

“Man’s sensitivity to the little things and insensitivity to the greatest are the signs of a strange disorder.”

“Many of us marvel at the icy insensitivity with which women snuff out their armours. But if they did not blot out the past in this manner, life for them would lose all dignity and they
could never resist the fatal familiarities to which they once submitted.”

“Most insensible, corrupt, cheap, disrespectful young girls run after bad, rude, cocky, nonsensical boys, but a mature, educated, thoughtful, virtuos lady opts for a wise, well breed, experienced, humble, modest gentleman.”

“Most of my songs are about insensitivity of some kind.”

“People of delicate health, selfish dispositions, and coarse minds, can always bear the sufferings of others placidly.”

“People who cannot feel punish those who do.”

“Self-love, so sensitive in its own cause, has rarely any sympathy to spare for others.”

“The accusation of cultural insensitivity is a weapon.”

“The bar is masculine, and women must adopt traditionally masculine characteristics – cultivated insensitivity, goal-orientated thinking, the prioritising of the material – to compete.”

“The secret to true happiness is a combination of low expectations and insensitivity.”

“The secret to true happiness is low expectations and insensitivity.”

“The spectacle of insensitivity that is the gun lobby and its outspoken, out-of-their-mind apparatchiks, is the apotheosis of what the Republican Party has allowed itself to become.”

“There is a close relationship between flowers and convicts. The fragility and delicacy of the former are of the same nature as the brutal insensitivity of the latter.”

“Those who are critical don’t like being criticized, and those who are insensitive have a deficiency in their senses.”

“Three key humanist virtues are courage, cognition, and caring – not dependence, ignorance, or insensitivity to the needs of others.”

“Tomorrow, I’m going to a soup kitchen in Mobile. I think that will symbolize the insensitivity of this administration to human needs.”

“Too often it is fear that guides our actions when compassion would better serve.”

“Very few people are acquainted with death. They undergo it, commonly, not so much out of resolution as custom and insensitivity; and most men die because they cannot help it.”

“You are not a better or wiser person simply because you’ve ceased to care.”

Feeling needy in relationships can be a good feeling to some. Having that desire for another person to require our attention and love at a given moment in time. However, being insensitive to the needs of these individuals can also creating devastating effects.

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