33 Quotes About Being Frank


Being outspoken and up front on an issue can help resolution come quicker. These quotes about being frank highlight the necessity that outspokenness can sometimes require.

“Being seventy has its advantages. I was outspoken before, but now what have I got to keep quiet about?”

“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”

“Death is the remedy of all pain.”

“Do you really think all angels are sweet and gentle? You must have forgot that the front lines of the War in Heaven were littered with bold women that had something to say.”

“Don’t tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth to be hated.”

“Environmentalists have been outspoken in their support of smaller family size and abortion rights as keys to reducing global warming.”

“Everyone has a different path. I knew no one in the acting industry growing up.”

“Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.”

“Flattery does not encourage the perfect flow of love in the vein of your relationship. Be genuine and speak out what you feel for each other without hiding the painful truth.”

“I admit that: my wife is outspoken, but by whom?”

“I am an outspoken person. I believe in what I say.”

“I am very outspoken, obviously, and I should say that I can’t judge anyone for doing anything.”

“I cannot overemphasise the value we place on a free, independent and outspoken press.”

“I have more awareness of other people and, I hope, more sensitivity to their needs. I also find that I’m more direct and outspoken.”

“I know nothing of man’s rights, or woman’s rights; human rights are all that I recognize.”

“I think if I believe in something strongly enough, I’m pretty outspoken about it.”

“I think you’re under no obligation whatsoever to forgive anything, to forget anything. You’re not required to push away the years of abuse because the abuser now chooses to be sober and in his sobriety regrets his actions.”

“I want to be outspoken. I want to say my opinions and I hope they’re taken in the right way. I don’t want to stop being free. And I won’t.”

“If I’m able to use my voice to do good in the world then I definitely want to do that.”

“If you aren’t overly effusive or really nicey-nice with the press, you get a reputation for being outspoken or difficult.”

“I’m not a big fan of those who are egotistical and so outspoken.”

“In the adjustment of the new order of things, we women demand an equal voice; we shall accept nothing less.”

“I’ve always been very outspoken and a supporter of the underdog, because I’m one as well.”

“One thing I’ve learned in life is that I can speak for myself, that I can fight my own battles. I don’t like anyone telling me how I’m supposed to feel or think or what I’m supposed to say.”

“Polls consistently show that the majority of Americans favour research using embryonic stem cells and yet politicians continue to pander to the outspoken religious minority that is hampering efforts to develop this potentially valuable technology.”

“There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property.”

“This book is dedicated to the people of America–strong, outspoken, intense in their convictions, sometimes wrong-headed but always generous and brave, with a passion for justice no nation has ever matched.”

“To be outspoken is easy when you do not wait to speak the complete truth.”

“To be outspoken when truth is under attack, when charity is being bruise, or when important issues of life are at stake is a good and courageous thing.”

“To be outspoken, or different at all, is a problem for women.”

“When I try to achieve greatness, it spits on me the night before.”

“When you meet a dark angel don’t you ever for one minute believe they are bad because they have faced the worst demons and lived to guide you through yours.”

“Writing will never be perfect in a poet’s eye that is why we need people’s criticism good or bad, whether or not it gives a positive or negative frame to our work.”

Being straight forward can sometimes assist you in getting things done quicker and more efficient.

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