33 Quotes About Fixing a Broken Relationship


Trying to repair a life that has been broken is difficult and challenging to experience. These quotes about fixing a broken relationship will offer you the encouragement you need to make things right.

“Being broken isn’t the worst thing. We can be mended and put together again. We don’t have to be ashamed of our past.”

“Broken friendships are very hard to fix but sometimes we just have to believe that everything will be okay in the end.”

“But I also felt like an eggshell that had gotten a tiny crack. You can’t repair something like that. All you can do is hope that it sticks together, hope that the crack doesn’t grow until all your insides come spilling right out.”

“Forgive, forget. Bear with the faults of others as you would have them bear with yours. Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious.”

“God is more interested in your future and your relationships than you are.”

“Healing is essential for lasting change. Healing is a transformation, not just a quick fix; a change from an inhibited or impaired state to one of greater health, integration and connection.”

“If because of one’s mistake you lost trust, then no one in the world is trustworthy, including yourself!”

“If you want to save a broken relationship, the first thing you must do is consider whether or not the relationship is really worth fixing in the first place.”

“It is possible for a difficult or broken relationship to be restored to a place of health and emotion again, demonstrate love, and forgive.”

“It often happens that when couples get their relationship to God straightened out, their relationships with one another begin to straighten out as well.”

“It takes time to heal wounds of broken love and sometimes it’s for forever.”

“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”

“Many conflicts in a marriage result from living to please self instead of living to please the Lord.”

“Maybe love is not always about trying to fix something that is broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.”

“None of us know how to fix ourselves, at least not entirely, not well enough.”

“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.”

“She believed in getting as much use as possible from everything, and thought that as long as machinery, or anything else, could be cajoled into operation, it should be kept; to do otherwise, she thought, was wasteful.”

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

“The ones who disappoint you need you the most.”

“The only way to make a spoilt machine work again is to break it down, work on its inner system and fix it again.”

“The path of social advancement is, and must be, strewn with broken friendships.”

“The trust has broken down. It will take some time to change attitudes and attitudes are going to be needed to develop trust.”

“There’s nothing worse than a lost friend and a scathing heartbreak, and with you gone now, I have experienced both.”

“Trust is always a risk, but when placed in the right people after a trial period where they prove themselves worthy of it, it is a reward transcendent of all the emotional mire that bogs down a person’s potential.”

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

“Try praising your wife, even if it does frighten her at first.”

“Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other’s little failings.”

“We can’t control on how each day will fall, but we can control how we fall into each day. Learn to make adjustments to match the circumstances.”

“We each ought to take heed that our boldness to talk to others about problems with the boss or pastor or spouse is not just a pretense for self righteousness, pride and dishonour.”

“When you care deeply about someone or something, repairs are worth your investment of time, energy, effort, heart, and resources.”

“Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends.”

There are various ways you can mend your relationship and start building anew.

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