31 Quotes About Life Being Pointless


There is more to life than just one thing. Some may feel like things have grown dark and unnecessary, but these quotes about life being pointless capture just one part of the equation.

“A friend of mine had died, and I went for an audition. It was weird and cathartic: the producer was very excited about the piece, but my brain wasn’t working, and it all seemed really pointless and fickle. I told them I didn’t want to be there any more, and left. It was the most terrifying and empowering audition experience I’ve had.”

“A world without right or wrong was a world that did not want itself, anything other than itself, or anything not those two things, but that still wanted something.”

“And people get all fouled up because they want the world to have meaning as if it were words… As if you had a meaning, as if you were a mere word, as if you were something that could be looked up in a dictionary. You are meaning.”

“Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet necessary, that’s hard for a puritan to understand.”

“At a certain point memory becomes a beach strewn with landmines, all life’s many losses buried in those sands.”

“Everyone has at least one talent. It’s just that some talents are pointless.”

“Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.”

“I come to a red light, tempted to go through it, then stop once I see a billboard sign that I don’t remember seeing and I look up at it. ”

“I would rather have strong enemies than a world of passive individualists. In a world of passive individualists nothing seems worth anything simply because nobody stands for anything.”

“If you write a line of zeroes, it´s still nothing.”

“In social matters, pointless conventions are not merely the bee sting of etiquette, but the snake bite of moral order.”

“It always seemed to me a bit pointless to disapprove of homosexuality. It’s like disapproving of rain.”

“It’s pointless to get all huffy about stuff.”

“It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.”

“My life feels, week to week, incomplete to the level of being pointless if I am not in preparation for the next play or, ideally, into it.”

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

“Our diversity is our strength. What a dull and pointless life it would be if everyone was the same.”

“People thought becoming an adult meant that all your acts had consequences; in fact it was just the opposite.”

“Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.”

“Rushing around can be a pointless diversion from actually living your life.”

“So many people wait around for funding, and if they’re unsuccessful, they don’t make the film; if you’ve got a good idea, that seems so pointless. There’s always a way of doing it; you’ve just got to find it.”

“Some people were born just so they could be buried.”

“The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.”

“The mark of a mature programmer is willingness to throw out code you spent time on when you realize it’s pointless.”

“The only lesson to extract from any civil war is that it’s pointless and futile and ugly, and that there is nothing glamorous or heroic about it. There are heroes, but the causes are never heroic.”

“There is nothing glamorous or romantic about war. It’s mostly about random pointless death and misery.”

“Top-down authority structures turn employees into bootlickers, breed pointless struggles for political advantage, and discourage dissent.”

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”

“When compared to the fact that he might very well be dead by this time tomorrow, whether he was courageous or not today was pointless,”

“Yes, be different, but not for the vanities of being different.”

“You can’t suppress the things that make us human. It’s pointless to try.”

Being average is sometimes good enough for people, but is not a goal you should aim for.

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