31 Quotes About Freeloaders


In life, we have the same ability to make choices and live through free will and desire. Making the right choice to be independent and self supportive helps to remove your dependency of someone else. Here are some great quotes about freeloaders that capture their failed mentality and continued expectation.

“Be free, dream big.”

“Don’t allow negative people to trap you in with their negative useless thoughts, be strong and break free…”

“Everyone is fighting their own battle to be free from their past, to live in the present, and create a meaningful future for themselves. Don’t judge, have a heart.”

“Faith keeps you strong. Love keeps you whole. And happiness keeps you alive. So don’t be a downer. Be happy, by strong, be free, be alive.”

“I became strong when you set me free and I became even stronger when I let you go.”

“I don’t like freeloaders; I don’t like people who are negative.”

“I have a couple freeloader friends, but it’s okay. I know they’re gonna come in with their arms flying in the air empty-handed.”

“I have never seen the truth not doing the job it promises to do – and that is to set one free.”

“I have to break free, before everything breaks me. There’s got to be another way to start again, and erase this pain.”

“If you want to find happiness that will last, set yourself free from the ghosts of the past.”

“It is a hard thing to accept, that our free will is limited by our genetic disposition, cornered by our social upbringing, and stymied by our deepest personal fears.”

“Just because we are free to do what we wants does not mean we will ever be self-assured.”

“Let your heart be free, reject negativity, engage in love, happiness a & laughter, respect yourself and walk the path you had been made for.”

“Remember the five simple rules to be happy: Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worries. Live simply. Give more. Expect less.”

“So long as man remains free, he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find someone to worship.”

“The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life, anxiety takes you in circles, trust in God and become free.”

“The greatest responsibility you will ever have is to yourself. So free yourself from restrictions others try to place upon you, accept their opinion as that their opinion. Always listen. Choose for yourself the path you will take.”

“The moment you realized you had gotten over someone that you thought you couldn’t live without feels fantastic. Like you’ve been set free.”

“The truth doesn’t always set you free; people prefer to believe prettier, neatly wrapped lies.”

“There is nothing you can do about the past its better left behind you, let go free your self of it, and make room in your heart for those in your future!”

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover the prisoner was you.”

“Tonight I let loose, I live free, but only for the moment, because insecurities make it hard to be me, courage is hard to find, and I only drink so I can unwind.”

“Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.”

“Waking up to the power of the free mind is the same as waking up to all that you are intended to be.”

“We were put on this earth to discover our purpose, each and every one of us. And those who know their purpose, they are the ones who are truly free.”

“When you open your mind, you free yourself from having to be in complete control of your thoughts.”

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.”

“You are free to do as you are told. For freedom, is a figment of your imagination. But imagination is where it all starts. So MAKE freedom.”

“You are free to make your own choices, just be adult enough to accept the cost of those actions when all is said and done.”

“You can never really be free until you have no need to impress anyone. When you lock your heart away in a safe, no hurt gets in… But no love gets in, either. Open your heart and give love another chance again.”

“You find freedom inside nowhere else. In the heart of every human being is that one space which is free, which is filled with peace, and which is full of love…..”

Getting a friend to take a hint about being a freeloader can be difficult when you are trying to protect their feelings from the truth. Finding the right approach based on the individual and closeness of your relationship will help to alleviate any further alienation from others.

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