3 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Core


The core is the body’s powerhouse since it facilitates the entire movement of the body as well as housing all the inner organs and the whole nervous system. Unlike many people out there who only exercise the abdominal muscles, there is more to the core than the abs. Here are yoga poses to strengthen the core.

1. Dolphin Pose

This is one of the best poses to strengthen the core at the same time improve digestion, strengthen the arms as well as the legs, calm the brain, relieve mild depression, stress, et al.

Before getting into the Dolphin pose, yogis from around the world agree that one ought to start to warm up the body by doing the Standing Forward Bend, the Dolphin Plank Pose, and the Cow Face Pose. By doing the dolphin pose as long as it is comfortable, follow it up with the Locust Pose.

2. Full Boat Pose

The Full Boat Pose works to not only strengthen the core but to strengthen the deep hip flexors, which are the attachment for the inner thighs on the front side of the spine. Throughout the Boat Pose, remember always to keep the lower front of the belly soft.

To warm up for the Boat Pose, begin with a few repetitions of the Standing Forward Bend as well as the Downward-Facing Dog poses to stretch the muscles to be able to complete the Full Boat Pose.

Afterward, one ought to follow the boat pose with the Downward-Facing Dog Pose, the Bound Angle Pose, Plow Pose, Chair Pose and the Supported Headstand pose.

3. Crane (Crow) Pose

Many individuals disregard the Crane Pose since it comes off as difficult especially when lifting off from the floor. It gets easier when the yogi squats on a block putting the feet a few inches from the floor.

Prepare to get into this pose by performing the Downward-Facing Dog Pose, the Plank Pose, the Bound Angle Pose, Child’s Pose, and the Hero Pose. The poses will help one to stretch and prepare to get into the Crane Pose.

After a few repetitions of the pose, follow it up with the Plank Pose, Downward-Facing Dog Pose, and the Four-Limbed Staff Pose. Not only does the Crane Pose help in strengthening the core, but it also opens the groins, stretches the upper back, arms, and the wrists.

For a beginner doing these yoga poses to strengthen the core, it is best to have a partner to help in the poses. There are available variations that will help one get into the poses with time.

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