3 Acro Yoga Poses


Acro Yoga is a wonderful partner based practice. It is said that Acro Yoga blends acrobatics with the benefits of yoga while creating an atmosphere of trust between the partners. Below are a few techniques to try out with your partner. For a quick terminology lesson; a base is the person supporting the position of the flyer. While a flyer is the person who is on top.

1. Seated Twist

This first pose is a warm-up pose to that will help loosen muscles. First, the base and the flyer are to sit in the Sukhasana pose with their backs together. Then each person lift’s their arms together. The larger person’s arms should be over the smaller person’s so that the arms cross and then touch your palms together. Keep your arms straight and twist your torsos in unison to create the stretch. Twist multiple times for each side and remain twisted for several breaths.

2. Plank on Plank

The first pose is pretty basic and helps with strength and balance. To begin the base is to get into a plank position. For the base, your hands should be shoulder width apart, and your arms will stay vertically straight. Your feet should be about body width apart. For the flyer, you should put your hands around the base’s ankles and put one flat foot on their shoulder (the top of the foot should be against their shoulder) and slowly while maintaining balance, place the other foot on the other shoulder.

Both the base and the flyer should communicate with each other to ensure the other is not starting to hurt or become too uncomfortable.

3. Double Boat Pose

This pose will help with stretching various muscles and helps build core strength. The double boat pose keeps the flyer and the base on the floor. To get into this pose, each person should sit on the floor facing the other. Fold your knees in front of you. Then, reach out your arms and grab the other person’s wrists. Extend your legs up and out until you and your partner’s feet touch. Both person’s legs should be straight, without bent knees. Your arms should be on the outside of your legs.

This pose also requires communication because both the base and the flyer need to keep in mind that their partner may not be able to remain stretched for the same amount of time.

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